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Patients travel from Aspen and far beyond to visit Dishler Laser Institute

Posted Nov 28 2009 7:28pm

After 25+ years of practice with the last fifteen being almost exclusively LASIK, we have enjoyed meeting people from throughout the world as patients and many beyond the confines of Denver, and Colorado.  Within the borders of Colorado, many patients have had vision correction from as far south as Pueblo and as far north as Fort Collins and beyond.  Westward we have seen increasing patients coming from Grand Junction, and recently an increase from Telluride which is a really long drive to our location.  While we appreciate each and every patient, it is noteworthy that Aspen has has a strong referral pattern which is due to several factors.  One of our earliest LASIK referring practices is Aspen Vision Source which has offices in Aspen and Carbondale.  Dr. Tim Bauer had just joined the practice at the time we began to do LASIK in 1995 and he decided to have the procedure himself, and has had a great result and been a strong supporter and a referral source ever since.  His associate who began the practice, Dr. Eberhardt also has sent us numerous patients over the years.  These patients were happy with their results and by word of mouth sent other patients to us who continued to see their Vision Source doctors for their pre and post operative care as well as their primary eye care. This model of local doctors working with their patients and allowing their patients to travel to an area of expertise as the surgical extension of their office has been duplicated in many different locations over the years.  This has allowed the most efficient delivery of this type of health care while maintaining the local relationships that patients place their trust thus furnishing them with advanced technology and medical experience not available in their local market.  Because Aspen is known for being an epicenter of culture, sophistication, and prestige, the fact that we have been the choice for LASIK and Laser Vision Correction by so many locals in this community is a compliment of which we are very proud.  This is especially true since in more than most places, the visual requirements for the many outdoor activities that are available in Aspen require such excellent visual acuity.

If patients are willing to travel about four hours for LASIK from Aspen, why then are we it too far to come for some patients who only live 45 minutes away?  This is a conundrum that we have not been able to fully answer.  Many potential patients cite that they prefer to see a doctor who lives closer to their location.  Thus patients from the greater metro Denver area sometimes choose to see laser vision correction centers that are closer geographically rather than make their selection based on referrals from other patients or from their own eye doctors.  While it is understandable that some of the patients who come to us from 8 or more hours away by car, and the patients who fly in for their procedures could reasonably select a different provider, we find ourselves perplexed when a patient chooses a different provider based primarily on location when we are so conveniently located in the Denver Tech Center.  As we are close to all the major freeways in Denver, and with the new I-470 loop now available, it is possible to reach our office from Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Golden, and beyond within an hour or less.  Since we work with more than 200 local eye doctors, usually our care is a "one visit is it" beyond the initial consultation.

Therefore if so many discriminating people from Aspen have selected Dishler Laser as the go to place for LASIK, then why not put us in your short list of potential places for your vision correction needs?  While we do not pay for professional endorsements to increase our credibility, we have provided care to a number of professional athletes as well as others where their vision is extremely important for their careers, their recreation, and their lives.  We treat every patient as if their vision was the most important of anyone's on the planet because to them it is.  We would appreciate the opportunity to share what we have learned about LASIK with all people who have a serious interest and provide for them an extensive no cost evaluation.

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