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Operation Christmas is underway!

Posted Dec 11 2011 12:26pm
I love Christmas, but this year I've been getting excited about it much earlier than usual. The excitement all started on 1st Dec, when I got a phone call to tell me that I had a Bruce Springsteen ticket for one of his gigs next July. I quickly found the Christmas CD with 'santa clause is comin to town' and played it down the phone, to the amusement of the lovely person on the other end who sorted out the ticket :D
I haven't listened to much Christmas music since, but hearing it on the radio this early isn't bothering me like it usually would.

I have about half of my shopping done, thanks to Amazon and my sister's help. I'm a bit stuck with the rest because I don't know what to get. Actually, does anybody have any good ideas for funny novelty gifts for secret santa in work? All suggestions appreciated.

We had a work party last Thrursday which went well. OJ got lots of attention, and even insisted on coming when I was dragged out to dance near the end of the night. The Americans at our table weren't leaving the hotel until they got photos of him! We have a staff night out on Friday but he'll be staying with my parents. This one will be a lot more fun but there will be a lot of madness involved!

I went to watch Arthur Christmas in the cinema with my nephews yesterday. Nothing like a festive film to get you in the mood. On our way home, the brother in law did the food shopping while my sister and I hunted for a tree in Sainsburys. I got one half price, 6ft with lights already on it for 25 quid. Not bad! The boys came down to decorate it this morning and it looks good, or so I'm told. Harry, who is just eighteen months has started cursing. Every time he dropped a decoration, the F word was said. The family get more annoyed at me than him because I laugh every time, but I can't help it!

O.J is getting an early Christmas surprise. Now that he's five, (closer to six actually), his dog food should be changed from adult Royal Canin to "mature." I know, its rediculous. This dog's brain hasn't matured much at all, which is maybe why I forgot to change his food when he turned five in March. I'm mixing it gradually into his own food, adding more and more every couple of days so that in about a weeks time he should be eating the new food. The kibble is smaller and more oily, but smells similar, just encase you were interested! The only change I have to worry about is what comes out after, but so far so good. I've never had to change his food since I got him, so its something I wasn't looking forward too. Hopefully things stay like they are now and I'll have a happy dog, who will have a happy owner, and we'll both have a happy Christmas!
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