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My thought of learning English

Posted Nov 20 2012 6:03am

  As soon as everyone steps into junior middle schools, English plays an important role in our cheap longchamp daily life. What’s more, with China entering the WTO, English has become the most popular foreign language in China. As a student, I think everyone should have a good knowledge of English. However, nowadays the majority of students have great difficulty in learning English. How does the problem come about? For me, I am into English. In my opinion, the reason is that a great many students have no interest and confidence in learning English.

So, I think it is important to develop an interest in English and to remember that patience is the key to learning English. Then try your best and take every chance to communicate with others in English. Besides, by listening to English tapes you may make great progress. I suggest buying some English magazines and newspapers, such as English Weekly, the best among them, which will help you a lot. Do as I have said above, you will be successful sooner or later.



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