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My Search for Affordable Vision Correction in Orange County

Posted Apr 15 2011 11:30am
Laser Vision Correction Orange County Many of us constantly struggle with living healthy lives inexpensively whether it be with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, or regular checkups at the dentist or doctors, but what about the health of your vision? Typically, once a year we are due for a yearly visit at the optometrists’ office, but how many people actually go? Thinking about it, glasses and contact lenses run a few hundred dollars a year and in a matter of years, we could be spending thousands of dollars. This thought definitely got my mind going as to how I could save money, and still keep my vision healthy. I had gotten a new pair of glasses or contacts every year for the past 7 years, adding up to over $2,000! So I began to search for new options.

I wanted to find a more permanent solution for perfect vision which is how I came across Laser Vision Correction. With Laser Vision Correction Orange County patients had received 20/20 vision or better and their results were permanent. So I thought to myself, this has to be a very expensive procedure, and possibly painful, but permanent results? Who could compete with that? The procedure is also referred to as “Lasik”, which many celebrities had also received. I decided to visit my local Orange County Lasik Surgeon for more information on how the procedure was performed, why it was effective, and how much it cost.

I was interested in the cost, foremost, since that was the main reason I began my research in the first place. The quoted cost for a Lasik procedure was about $2,000, give or take, because there are different technologies that may be used during the procedure which may also determine the cost. I had spent over $2,000 in the past 7 years on glasses, contact lenses, and replacements, so this average price for the procedure was in a very practical and affordable range. The Lasik Surgeon explained that with Lasik Surgery Orange County residents and out of town patients also had the option to receive financing, making it more affordable, almost like a small car payment.

I then began to discuss the procedure in itself, entirely, and how it was able to provide patients with 20/20 vision. My Lasik Surgeon explained that there were many different types of medical technologies that could accomplish great vision, but each of the procedures had one basic principle. A corneal flap is created to access the cornea, while a laser is used to reshape it, allowing for 20/20 vision. With Lasik Orange County residents and out of town patients have received affordable 20/20 vision, with little down time, saving them thousands of dollars in replacement of future vision correction needs.
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