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Posted Nov 05 2012 6:18am

Beautiful spring scenery, charactizing a fine spring day. Little rabbit betsey and mother to go to the forest mushroom.

In the forest, they both will gather up the mushroom. They adopt ah mining ah, after a long time, mother rabbit has been mining half a basket of mushroom, but betsey basket was empty. Betsey worried at the same time also feel very monster heartbeats strange, why does mother can gather so many mushrooms, and he himself can't adopt? As betsey baffled, she suddenly found not far away a few colourful mushrooms, betsey raced past mining, while she was still side want to adopt, if my mother saw her picked a few so beautiful mushroom will admire his own. Is going to adopt down, mother rabbit saw it, she quickly put the motioning with his hand, rushed betsey yell: "baby, don't pick, cannot adopt!" "Mom, these mushroom is good-looking and bright-coloured, must be better than white mushroom delicious, why can't adopt ah?" Betsey doubts asked. "Baby, although these mushroom appearance is very beautiful, but this kind of mushrooms are poisonous, cannot eat!" Mother hare patience to betsey said. Betsey defy spirit of ask: "how is that possible, we used to eat of mushroom how no poison!" "Because we used to eat is the fair and fat mushrooms! Children, you must remember, only like my basket this kind of white mushroom can eat, you know?" Mother stroked betsey head said. Betsey hard nodded said to her mother, "I know!" Then he went to other places, picked a lot of white mushroom.

In the evening, betsey and mother carry the full two baskets mushrooms, a jumping and went home.

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