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"Men in Dark Sunglasses" are to be Blamed

Posted Mar 01 2013 3:36am
Cool Oakley Shades Professionals: Wear dark sunglasses car will extend driver reaction chance to unexpected situations
Wearing black super car, always felt the cool, Guancheng Miss Lu to pay for the worth: his head injuries, your truck hit the rear of the vehicle.
Automotive professionals suggest owners, car 's best make use of light-colored sunglasses, since sunglasses too deep will extend driver reaction time and energy to unexpected situations.
Wearing dark sunglasses on the accident
Guancheng the Miss Lu end of a year ago only to modify the car, because usually sit a friend's car, will find friends would wear cool sunglasses, buy cars after Miss Lu, therefore, once opt for a one with Designer Oakley Multilens Sunglasses myopia sunglasses. Nevertheless it's precisely thanks to this two of glasses, so she and her car were injured.
Spring Festival, our whole family to countryside, sunny tomorrow, I use the sunglasses car is just too dark sunglasses, cars to go over a rustic road, coming from the rear view mirror saw that car speed and don't too rapidly, so I hit the bring, in addition to a result, two of the cars hit, he bruises the pinnacle, and therefore the car also injured tail Fortunately, relaxing in a corner seat within the family are usually right, or really guilty. "Miss Lu Speaking using this accident triggered given that the sunglasses which can be darker and uneven sunglasses Buy New Oakley Sunglasses 2013 or she didn't timely react, and why there is this error events.
Recommendation: the sunglasses color should not be too deep
Miss Lu's automotive professionals declared the inside strong sun, the driver's eyes will feel tired, many drivers will wear dark sunglasses to close the, protect your eyes, but thus affect the line of sight.
Therefore, our recommendation is that you driver friends, for example car wearing sunglasses, the sunglasses color will not be too deep, and dark sunglasses to obstruct eye images towards duration of the human brain, the visual delay distortion as a result of speed, the drivers wear sunglasses to help make the wrong judgment. And research in which the sunglasses too deep will White Oakley Polarized Sunglasses for Women extend driver reaction chance to unexpected situations.
Survey: Most of the drivers contain the habit of wearing sunglasses car
This reporter friends around car survey found out that the majority people wear sunglasses driving habits. "I get two sunglasses, a light-colored, ultra violet rays is simply not strong; a darker, more serious sun." Owners Chen said.
He also said, as he drove often wearing dark sunglasses, such as Miss Lu doesn't have encountered the accident because wearing glasses, but after driving for just a group of sunglasses.
"I drove to never wear sunglasses, glasses since friends say, wear sunglasses to find an affect on vehicle, if encountered strong sunlight deposit SUNVISOR. Owners Ms. Huang said.

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