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Lasik procedure what you can expect

Posted Dec 13 2012 5:44am
Although the thought of getting LASIK is initially disconcerting to many patients, learning just how quick and pain less laser vision correction in Beverly Hills is helps to ease patients’ fears and concerns about the entire process.

LASIK, or “laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis”, is the most common refractive surgery performed in the United States, and in fact, the world. It is capable of treating hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), and astigmatism (blurry vision).

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Before a LASIK procedure is performed, the Los Angeles laser eye surgeon will determine how your corneas will need to be ablated- in other words, altered with a laser- in order to bring about perfect vision. This is because the way that light enters your eye through the cornea determines how good your vision is; by altering the shape of the cornea, and therefore the way that light enters the eye, LASIK can help patients achieve perfect vision.

For patients with hyperopia, the edges of the cornea will need to be ablated in such a way that the cornea is made more concave. For patients with myopia, the middle of the cornea will need to be ablated in such a way that the cornea is made more convex. For patients with astigmatism, the laser eye surgeon will need to predetermine the way that the specific cornea will need to be ablated to achieve perfect vision.

At the start of each LASIK procedure, topical anesthetic will be dropped onto the eye. Then, a laser will laser off a thin slice off the surface of the eye, which is the surface of the cornea, leaving a part of the edge attached so a flap is created. This flap is then lifted up so that the underlying layer of the cornea is exposed; this is the layer that will be ablated by the laser eye surgeon. After the underlying layer of the cornea is ablated to the laser eye surgeon’s satisfaction, the flap is then placed back on top of the eye’s surface. The flap will reattach to the eye naturally without the need for any adhesive.

The entire LASIK procedure is typically performed in under fifteen minutes, with each eye usually needing just five minutes of surgery time to provide the patient with perfect vision. Although patients will need to rest a bit in the post-op room, they will be allowed to return home pretty much immediately after their procedures.

Some patients may experience an itching or burning sensation in their eyes, which will only be temporary. Some patients may also experience some level of blurry vision immediately after their procedures but clear vision should be achieved by the next day, with some patients realizing perfect vision within a few days of the procedure.

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