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LASIK Orange County – Get Rid of Your Cataracts

Posted Mar 21 2012 6:09am

A cataract develops from the gradual thickening and hardening of the lens that may cause the lens to become clouded making the light to distort or prevent it from reaching the retina for transmission to the brain. It results in blurry or dimmed vision with colors appearing faded. It may be difficult to read or drive in low light as night vision fails and halos appear around headlights.

A cataract surgeon Orange County expert may have to work with constantly evolving techniques, equipment and replacement lenses. However, selecting a surgeon can be difficult. You may need to interview several surgeons before selecting the right one. LASIK Surgeon Orange County surgery is one important procedure performed by cataract surgeons.

LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis and is a refractive surgery that may reduce a person’s dependency for glasses or contact lenses. The procedure involves using a computer-controlled scanning device to map the corneal surface to determine the exact shape. The required amount of tissue is removed eliminating the need for glasses or lenses. The ablation or vaporization may be performed by a laser-controlled computer. The advantages of the procedure may be cosmetic, utilitarian, and psychological.

Before undergoing LASIK eye surgery, one should check with a surgeon to check their suitability for the procedure. A baseline evaluation may be done and the patient may be asked to stop wearing contact lenses and switch to glasses. The patient may be asked about past and present medical and eye conditions and any medications being taken. One may also be asked to stop using creams, lotions, makeup and perfumes the day before LASIK procedure.

It may also be asked to arrange for a friend or spouse who may drive the patient to and back from the surgery center for the procedure and follow-up. A medication may be administered during procedure to make the patient relaxed. The medication impairs the driving ability as it blurs the vision. That’s why the patient is asked to arrange for a drive to and back from the facility.

A LASIK may take less than 30 minutes. One may be laid back in a reclining chair in a room containing the laser system. The laser system consists of a large machine with microscope attached and a computer screen. After placing a numbing drop, the area around the eye is cleaned and a lid spectrum may be used to hold open the eyelids. A ring is placed on the eye and high pressure is applied creating suction to the cornea. A microkeratome which is a cutting instrument is used to cut a flap in the cornea. The microkeratome and suction ring are removed and the flap is lifted and folded back on its hinge to dry the exposed tissue.

After surgery, one should see the surgeon within first 24-48 hours and at regular intervals for at least 6 months. During this period, the surgeon may remove eye shield, test vision and examine eyes. One or more types of eye drops may be given that may help to prevent infection or inflammation. One may also be asked to use artificial tears so that eyes are lubricated.

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