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Lasik And Reading Glasses

Posted Sep 27 2010 3:02am


Trends: many people over the age of 35 give consideration to Lasik surgery Los Angeles laser eye surgeons advise that if you are over this age, you need to consider the options of laser eye surgery seriously, especially when you consider that most people your age will develop or already have developed an eye condition called presbyopia. As people age, the eye’s lens loses its ability to quickly focus from viewing things at a distance to viewing things close up — this is called presbyopia. Presbyopia is the reason why people over the age of 40 generally need reading glasses.

The good news is that if you never really needed glasses to see from far distances, you may only need reading glasses when you develop presbyopia, according to a top local Lasik surgeon Los Angeles and Beverly Hills patients, in such cases, mostly use a “Ben Franklin” style half-glass with magnification. There are some surgical options to reduce the need for reading glasses, including monovision (see below), Conductive Keratoplasty and Refractive lens exchange with the Crystalens, Restor or Rezoom intraocular implant lens.

Over the age of 40, Los Angeles Lasik surgery patients all need reading glasses, unless they want to try monovision. Monovision is a very important concept for all patients over 40 to understand. If you are nearsighted, you know that you can read without your glasses, although if you are very nearsighted, you may have to hold objects rather close in order to see them. And according to an experience local Lasik surgeon Los Angeles patients over the age of 40 who undergo laser vision correction, will no longer be able to see objects close-up without reading glasses, unless they choose to have monovision correction.

If you are mildly nearsighted and love to read without glasses, then laser eye surgery may not be a good option for you, unless you choose monovision. Some patients may get rid of distance glasses but need new reading glasses. For many people, the ability to see clearly at a distance is worth the loss of uncorrected reading vision. If you are farsighted, then you already know that you need glasses to see clearly in the distance as you have gotten older, and even stronger glasses for reading. You will have two options, either to correct both eyes for distance and wear reading glasses, or consider a monovision correction.

There are surgical options to reduce the need for reading glasses. The best procedure available today for patients between 45 and 60 who have good distance vision without glasses is conductive keratoplasty, which is an FDA approved procedure that creates a mild form of monovision with an excellent safety profile. Other procedures involve going inside the eye for a refractive lens exchange, whether with the Crystalens®, Restor® or Rezoom implant lens. These procedures are generally better in the age group over 55 who need some glasses for distance vision or have some cataract formation. Nonsurgical options are monovision with contact lenses or reading glasses.

Contact the Beverly Hills LASIK Center today at to see what refractive surgery treatment options our Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and surrounding area patients have available to you.

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