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Laser Eye vision correction- A permanent solution to a temporary problem

Posted Oct 20 2012 4:52am
Do you wear glasses or contacts? Join the millions of people who had laser eye vision correction and enjoy the freedoms of perfect vision today!

If you wear glasses or contacts, you know just how cumbersome and annoying they can be. To give a couple of examples: in cold weather or when drinking hot beverages, the lenses of glasses will fog up and obscure your vision, and on dry days wearing contacts becomes borderline painful if eye drops aren’t constantly on hand. Chances are, if you are a wearer if glasses or contacts, you’ve dreamed about the day that you’d be able to say good-bye to your glasses or contacts for good and start enjoying perfect vision without those cumbersome vision crutches.

If you find yourself being one of these people who want to have perfect vision rather than continue wearing glasses or contacts, then you’re in luck: laser eye surgery, such as the Beverly Hills Lasik, exists to permanently fix your vision- in shorter time than it takes to eat your lunch!

Laser eye surgery is a relatively recent development in the field of vision correction; it is, in fact, the first and only method with which to permanently correct vision. There exist many different types of vision correction methods within the realm of laser eye surgery: LASIK, LASEK, and PRK, just to name a few. The most popular vision correction procedure- LASIK- involves the use of a blade or laser to slice off the top flap of the outer cornea, leaving one edge still attached to the rest of the eye.

After the flap has been sliced off the LASIK surgeon in Los Angeles will use a special laser, known as the excimer laser, to either make the cornea more curved or less curved, depending on the vision issues of each individual patient. If the cornea is made more curved, farsightedness is corrected and if the cornea is made flatter, nearsightedness is corrected. Astigmatism, which is a vision problem that results in an overall blurry vision field, can also be corrected through LASIK, as the laser can alter the shape of any irregularly-shaped corneas to one that is more normally-shaped.

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Not only will LASIK and other laser eye surgery procedures help permanently correct vision, but it will also do so more cost-effectively than glasses or contacts. This is because there is only one, flat cost associated with laser eye surgeries whereas the costs that are required of glasses or contacts are regular and perpetual. In other words, individuals will end up paying more money for vision maintenance through glasses and contacts than if they had simply gotten a laser eye surgery. Indeed, it has been shown that an individual who has his or her vision corrected with LASIK by the age of 20 will save over $48,000 during his or her lifetime as compared to individuals that continue to wear glasses and contacts.

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