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Is this a pink eye? Is it enffected with th Bleach?

Posted by Kim Yoon Hee

I had contacts on my eyes while I was cleaning and I was using Bleach. My eye's wear getting irritated so I took them out. I washed my hands but my hands still had that strong bleach smell. I also poor 2 drops of my contact solution into my eye. I should have never done that. I though it would be okay, but I guess not. I am not sure what is wrong with my eye now.

My eye burns and it is constantly dripping. I can barely ope my eye. It hurts if the wind, light, and water hit it. It was okay at first, but when I did put water in it it worsened.(That is before I figured out water was not help) It is really painful.
Is this a pink eye?


It is now swollen.


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My nose is also watery and running.
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