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Inflamed tear gland

Posted Nov 16 2010 9:02am

Ok, my issue started around Halloween, no warning sign or anything!.  Swelling…looked just like a prize fight eye !  The doctors gave me drops/antibiotics  didn’t work!  Sent me to an Ophthalmologist and got a cat scan. He said I have an Inflamed Tear Gland.   He then put me on PREDNISONE (steroids) for a week (today).  I went back yesterday, the prize fight look is just about gone but he said it’s still inflamed behind my eye.  Now I’m being referred to another doctor in Silver Spring, because he said w/the prednisone the swelling behind the eye should have subsided by now.  The doctor in Silver spring will be able to check the tissue around my eye and possibly schedule a BIOPSY.    I asked about a stroke…he said no…I asked about Sarcoidosis (because when I looked up the Tear Gland info it’s seems to always be associated w/Sarcoidosis) He said the doctor in Silver Spring will speak to that.  OK.while typing I've found out I have got the appt!  So I'm on my way!!!..GOING TO THE DOC TODAY...THEY FIT ME IN!  KEEP YOU POSTED! 

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