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Posted Mar 07 2013 5:56am
Holbrook Oakley Polarized Sunglasses Etiology: glaucoma in Japan, generally known as glaucoma, increased intraocular pressure, allowing the atrophy belonging to the optic nerve damage, that can cause several visual disorders and visual field defects, is regarded as the common blinding diseases. The anterior chamber and posterior chamber with the eye is loaded with a skinny, transparent liquid - aqueous humor. Under normal circumstances, the aqueous humor right after the estate of Health, because of the pupil into your anterior chamber with the eye, then after external Cheap Oakley Rimless Sunglasses On Sale drainage channel. If many of the factors the aqueous humor this cycle pathway is blocked (usually blocked sites perfectly located at the anterior chamber right out of the drainage channel), creating the accumulation of aqueous humor with the eye, causing increased intraocular pressure, thereby problems for the optic nerve. Self-diagnosis of glaucoma: 1. Abrupt oncoming of acute angle closure glaucoma, typical performance infestation eye side head pain, eye congestion, sudden drop in vision. Radiation of pain to the trigeminal nerve distribution small area around the eyes, sinuses, ears, teeth, Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses Wholesale for Women Men etc.; intraocular pressure can rise rapidly, eyes hard, and they sometimes cause nausea, vomiting, sweating; patients can observe the incandescent light colored halo around or being a rainbow once the rain, for the reason that rainbow phenomenon. 2. Subacute angle-closure glaucoma (including subclinical prodromal period as well as the interim period), patients with only a experience of mild discomfort, even without any symptoms, perhaps have decreased vision, ocular hyperemia lighter onset often in the evening, after sleep after remission . If there's no timely diagnosis and treatment, after intermittent Discount Oakley Goggles Replacement Lenses episodes will gradually shorten each episode gradually extended in to the conversion of acute onset or chronic. 3. Chronic angle-closure glaucoma obvious symptoms, the attack mild eye swelling, headache, reading difficulties, frequently as the rainbow phenomenon, to bright, or sleep symptoms could be alleviated. Any such glaucoma often repeated episodes of early oncoming intermittent longer, shorter amount symptoms, frequently when the start out the attack interval shortened extend the duration. If they are not treated properly, the illness gradually progressed late can decreased vision, visual field defects serious.

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