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Get perfect vision AND save money with LASIK!

Posted Nov 22 2012 5:16am
Did you know that if you wear glasses or contacts, correcting your vision with a laser eye surgery can not only give you perfect vision, but also can save you money?? Although the upfront cost of LASIK may cause some patients to balk initially, this upfront cost is typically the only cost associated with LASIK- once you pay for your LASIK eye surgery in Beverly Hills, you will have perfect vision that requires no additional maintenance, and therefore, no more additional costs.

LASIK is a laser eye surgery that has the power to permanently and safely correct vision. By making the altering the cornea in such a way that it is more convex, nearsightedness (myopia) is corrected and by making the cornea more concave, farsightedness (hyperopia) is corrected. A laser eye surgeon in Beverly Hills can also corrected astigmatism (blurry vision) with LASIK. The LASIK procedure usually takes only a few minutes to complete for each eye and requires no downtime or recovery period before the patient can see better and without the aid of glasses or contacts.

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The typical 20-year old who wears prescription glasses will spend about $5,770 in just prescription glasses during his or her lifetime, with regular/yearly checkups totaling about $3,029 over the course of a lifetime. If that 20-year old wants or needs prescription sunglasses as well, then the lifetime costs of taking care of his or her eye health shoots up by $10,098 on average. However, the cost of LASIK is usually just $3,000; LASIK will save the average 20-year old who wears glasses almost $6,000 and the average 2-year old who wears prescription glasses and sunglasses almost $16,000.

For the average 20-year old who wears prescription contact lens, the savings that will accumulate after a LASIK procedure is quite eye-opening. Over the course of his or her lifetime, that 20-year old will spend about $27,696 on contacts and about $8,308 on contact supplies. It is quite easy to see how a single cost of $3,000 is more desirable than a lifetime cost of over $36,000 for just contacts and the supplies they require.

Even if a person who wears glasses or contacts of both undergoes LASIK at the age of 55, there is a good chance that he or she will still save at least $21,599 on the cost of glasses and contacts as well as regular vision check-ups over the course of the rest of his or her life. It has been estimated that LASIK pays for itself within 3 years if a person wears both glasses and contacts, within 5 years if a person wears just contacts and 11 years if a person wears just glasses.

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