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eye surgery

Posted by jtang

I have been looking for someone to see about getting my friend help with his eye problems.  my friend been to a couple of eye doctors but no help at all.  The problem is the right eye-symptoms are right eye sometimes is delay when moving, seeing double vision, sensitive to the lights after a couple of hours and gets alot of headaches.  Eye doctor state he has a 20/20 vision but could not tell what the cause of the eye problem. 


Can anyone help with any information on how to heal or fix the eye problem?

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Has your friend seen an ophthalmologist? (Which is also a medical doctor). I work for one ( I am just a receptionist ) but if the eye doctor can't find anything wrong with the eye itself, they should/may recommend blood work, MRI's, or CT Scans of the brain/head to rule out any other complications.  Sometimes problems with eye movement are related to the eye muscle, possible nerve damage behind the eye, etc.. I wish I could help out more, but there are many things that can cause double vision, light sensitivity, and eye movement problems.  Good Luck !!
My friend's son actually has similar symptoms.  Even though he has 20/20 vision the optometrist gave him glasses (with either no prescription of a very, very low one-- I'll get some more info but I felt compelled to answer with what info I do have) to help control the eye movement. 
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