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Eye cavity plus the contents

Posted Mar 06 2013 2:54am
Cool Oakleys Shades The intraocular for example the anterior chamber, posterior chamber and vitreous cavity. Eye contents just like aqueous humor, lens and vitreous. A few caught transparent, were called together and corneal refractive medium. Aqueous humor through the ciliary sudden, nutritious cornea, lens and vitreous, to help maintain the function of IOP. For your flexible transparent body, the lens-shaped, possibly a lenticular lens, the iris, pupil, vitreous before. Vitreous transparent gelatinous body, rich in 4/5 with the cavity inside the eye. The actual ingredient is water. Vitreous refractive effect, also played the supporting role of your retina. Optic nerve, visual pathway The optic nerve is Cool Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Online a component in the cns. The retina of your obtained visual information, transmitted through the entire optic nerve in the brain. Essilor receive visual information in the retina in to the brain visual cortex form a visible nerve impulse transmission pathway. Eye Vice The interest Vice eyelashes, eyelids, conjunctiva, lacrimal apparatus, eye muscle and orbital fat body with orbital fascia. The points within the upper eyelid and minimize eyelid eyelid, ranking prior to mouth on the orbit, and the front with the covering of your eyeball. Upper eyelid to brow for those sector, that is connected to the lower eyelid and skin. Palpebral fissure cracks around the lower eyelid White Oakley Polarized Sunglasses for Women said. Two eyelid phase coupling is addressed as inner canthus and outer canthus. The inner canthus Department meat-like bulge termed as a lacrimal caruncle. The inside of the top reducing eyelid each have a hole papillae, said tears canalicular opening. Physiological functions: the principal function is always to protect the interest rate, often blink, it is able to tear wetting the top eye, the cornea to help maintain luster dust and bacteria can clean conjunctival sac. Lacrimal duct lacrimal secretion the lacrimal and excretion of tear tear. The lacrimal including: inferior lacrimal point, inferior lacrimal duct, tears Explorer, lacrimal sac, nasolacrimal tube. One can find six extraocular muscles, Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses the eye movement. Usual rectus is: the superior rectus, inferior rectus, medial rectus and lateral rectus. Both obliques is: oblique and inferior oblique. About the levator: the levator muscle, and M?¡ì1ler muscle. Orbit through the frontal, sphenoid, ethmoid, palatine bone, lacrimal bone belonging to the upper jaw and cheekbones seven skull was slightly inward, upward-sloping, four sides tapered lunate fossa port forward, pointed toward the After up and down interior and exterior normal walls. Adult orbital D 4 ~ 5cm. Orbital regarding a persons vision, extraocular muscles, leading to tinnitus, nerves, lacrimal gland and fascia between organizations made up of fat, belonging to the upholstered role. Composed by Viandfisherswarehouse 03.06.2013
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