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Does Lasik laser eye surgery hurt? What is involved in laser eye surgery?

Posted Jun 23 2010 2:19am 1 Comment
Los Angeles Lasik Surgeon A common and legitimate concern among many future Los Angeles Lasik patients is whether or not laser eye surgery hurts. The answer is: no. Both the PRK and the LASIK procedures which run about 15 minutes in length (where the laser is on for less than 90 seconds), are painless, although there can be some discomfort during the recuperation period, which tends to be longer for PRK. Patients can take comfort in the fact that top, qualified Los Angeles Lasik surgeons perform all procedures at the Beverly Hills LASIK Center, and that they conduct all follow-up examinations and preoperative care.

Your eyes will feel numb from anesthetic eye drops that your laser eye surgeon administers so you may feel minimal, if any discomfort. There may be a slight pressure sensation—like someone resting a finger on top of your closed eyelid—for a few seconds while the flap is created. Both laser eye surgery procedures - LASIK and PRK – are performed as outpatient procedures. Patients can expect the doctor to perform the procedure with the Alcon LADARVision laser, the Allegretto laser, or the CustomVue™ VISX® Smoothscan laser. The flap is almost always created with a Intralase laser.

A revolutionary, computer controlled technology, IntraLASIK (with the Intralase laser), or all laser LASIK, allows the Los Angeles Lasik surgeon s at the Beverly Hills LASIK Center to safely and precisely make corneal flaps during a patient's laser vision correction surgery. In traditional LASIK eye surgery, a microkeratome -- a blade housed inside a mechanical instrument -- is used to create a flap in the cornea (the outer layer of the eye). With the flap created, it is lifted and the excimer laser can remove and reshape the underlying corneal tissue. Once the tissue has been reshaped, the flap is laid back in place and allowed to heal on its own. Traditional LA Lasik surgery has had great results with relatively few complications. The majority of the complications that do occur can be linked to the creation of the flap using the microkeratome. The Beverly Hills LASIK Center was one of the first practices in the country to use the Intralase laser to make the corneal flap, offering IntraLASIK to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and international clients who prefer the all laser LASIK method.

The experienced, patient-conscious surgeons at the Beverly Hills LASIK Center have performed thousands of laser eye surgery treatments on patients who come to them from locally in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, as well as on patients who travel to see them from across the country including New York, San Francisco and Chicago, and international patients from Japan, Indonesia, England, Hong Kong and Germany to name a few.
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Laser Eye Surgery including LASIK, Custom Lasik and other types of LASIK Eye Surgery are procedures that are safe, effective and predictable when performed by an experienced LASIK surgeon for carefully selected and counseled patients who have set realistic goals for their procedure to achieve.

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