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Corrective Laser Eye Surgery in Orange County, CA

Posted Jan 31 2012 5:01am

There are a thousand things to do and see in Orange County, California, from Disneyland to Knott's Farm to Santa Ana or Anaheim. The stunning beaches like Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach are visions to behold. However, if you have trouble with your eyesight and find contacts or glasses to be a pain amid sand and water, you may have another option. Laser eye surgery, or LASIK, is available for near-sighted and far-sighted patients, including those with astigmatism. LASIK Orange County practices have a certified LASIK surgeon Orange County residents can trust for excellent eye care.


The LASIK surgeon Orange County residents trust uses laser to reshape the cornea. The distorted shape of the cornea is what causes problems with vision, so when corrected, the eye can see well without corrective lenses. The technology for this surgery has improved substantially since the surgery was pioneered in the 1970's. Modern patients undergoing the LASIK Orange County surgeons perform have very short recovery periods. In fact, the surgery is an outpatient procedure that is followed up eye drops, protective sunglasses, and rest. The success rate of LASIK in the United States is 92 to 98 percent. The satisfaction of patients who have the surgery may be affected by unrealistic expectations for the surgery results. It is essential to discuss reasonable expectations for the success of the procedure.


When meeting with the LASIK surgeon Orange County residents choose, the initial evaluation should help the doctor determine if you are a good candidate for a successful LASIK procedure. It can be necessary for the patient to stop wearing their contacts before the first evaluation in order to get a better assessment of the eyes. Some patients have other conditions, are on medications, or make lifestyle choices that increase the risks involved with the LASIK Orange County surgeons perform. There will be instructions that you will have to follow prior to the surgery in order to increase chances for success.


During the LASIK Orange County residents have done, the patient stays awake and can move around. Anesthetic eye drops are applied to the eyes so the procedure does not hurt. The LASIK surgeon Orange County residents choose may also decide to administer a mild sedative so the patient does not become anxious. Before having the surgery, patients should discuss all their questions and concerns with their surgeon. Peace of mind is highest when you are comfortable with the surgeon you have chosen.

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