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Considering Eyelid Surgery?

Posted May 24 2010 11:47pm
South Bay eye surgeon

The decision to get plastic surgery is a person choice that an individual can make about their appearance. As we age, our bodies go through many different changes. The face is one of the places that begin to show age quickly. The eyes are especially susceptible to signs of aging. The upper region of the eyes begins droop significantly, while fine wrinkles called “crows feet” develop on the outside corners of the eyes. In addition, the bags underneath the eyes began to get darker and more pronounced. Some of the factors which cause this aging process to happen include, decrease in tone and elasticity of skin and muscles underneath, excess fat around the eyes, repeated motion and contraction of the eye muscles, excessive exposure to sunlight, and the effects of gravity. When people become unhappy about how their eyes and the area around their eyes look, they have the choice to get plastic surgery.

South Bay eye surgery is very safe but there are some considerations one must make before deciding to undergo the surgery. The internal and external structures of the eyelids dictate the limitation of what can be done. Also, after the surgery your eyes will still continue to age. However, any patient with good health and realistic expectations can be a good candidate for South Bay eyelid surgery. Like any surgery, there are risks and complications with eyelid surgery. Bleeding and infection are always a risk, but modern medical facilities have minimized their occurrence. Sometimes there can be an unfavorable external scar resulting from the procedure. This is why it is important to select a surgeon with a lot of experience in performing eyelid surgery. Sometimes there are complications such as persistent dry eyes and sensitivity to light, but these are pretty infrequent. There are several things one can do after eyelid surgery in order to recover faster. Keep your head up during the day and as much as possible while sleeping. In addition, avoid strenuous activity and wear sun block if you go out in the sun at all for several months. Most people return to work in about two weeks. The area around your eyes will be swollen and bruised, but a cold compress and antibiotic eye ointment can help minimize this.

Torrance Botox surgeons can often give more information about eyelid surgery. Many do both. In addition, many do Lasik surgery as well. When visiting their Lasik eye surgeon Torrance residents may find that they also want to get eyelid surgery. This is a great place for a referral. Whoever your eye surgeon may be, it is important to ask a lot of questions and be clear about your expectations for the surgery! This will help minimize problems and unexpected results!

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