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Causes of itchy eyes- The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Eyes

Posted Jan 10 2012 3:37am

are one of the most susceptible and sensible part of human body. They may bear from different types of allergic reactions. Thus, allergic reactions can cause unusual eye problems. One of the regular problems of the eye is itchiness or dry eye and Glaucoma second Hypotrichosis. . It is most important to understand why eye is more sensitive to such reactions. Eyes always stay moist and uncovered to the outer environment.

It experiences the dirt and burn as well as extended period of sunlight. These external conditions make it susceptible or weak to these itching infections and you may develop itchy eyes. In such cases you may suffer from itchy eyes because of infection from pollen grains. It is most important to understand the analysis of the eye. The fraction of the eye that lines the inner surface is called as conjunctiva. This is the part which obligation most of the problems of the eyes. Hence itchy eyes are called as allergic conjunctivitis.

> The natural and the most effortless way of taking eye care is to washing the eyes wild cold water daily with a regularity of 3 to 4 times before going to bed as well as getting out off the bed.

> Good kind of vitamin diet should be taken in order to increase the eye power and eye-sight. All kind of vegetables beside with vitamin A and vitamin C should be taken in plentiful amount.

> The medications like bimatoprost, brimonidine tartrate, Cyclosporine, works by regulating the flow of fluid within the eye to control a normal pressure also treats dry eyes and glaucoma. These are doctors prescribe medication for patients whose condition has not improved with other medication or who cannot use other medication.

> Try and blink your eyes for 20-30 times in sequence, to moisturize them. For best care of your eyes learn some useful tips for a better exercise tips to improve your eye-sight.
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