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Cataract surgeon Las Vegas - Treatment for Cataracts in Las Vegas

Posted Dec 24 2010 12:36pm

The best treatment for cataracts in Las Vegas is a relatively simple operation to remove the cloudy lens which can cause vision blur. In the past, surgeons often waited to remove the cataract until vision was very poor. Nowadays however, the operation is usually performed as soon as eyesight affects everyday activities.

In Las Vegas cataract surgery is performed on a regular basis, usually patients are over 60. Before the operation, an eye and vision assessment is done by the doctor. Usually a local anaesthetic is given. The patient will be awake but will feel nothing. During the operation, the eye specialist should be telling the patient what is happening throughout the entire procedure. It is his or her job to make sure that the patient is feeling relaxed and comfortable.

In Las Vegas cataract surgery is done with the aid of a microscope, through a tiny opening in the eye. The procedure relatively quick, taking about 15 to 20 minutes, though sometimes a longer operation may be needed.

The most common Las Vegas cataract treatment is a clear lens replacement, or intraocular lens implant. The lens with the cataract is removed and a clear plastic lens is substituted so that vision is restored. The intraocular lens implant (IOL) remains permanently in the eye and is made from a substance which will never be rejected by the body.

After the operation there is usually an instant improvement in vision, though it will take several months to complete the healing. Since most IOLs are used normally for distance rather than near vision, eye-glasses may still need to be used for reading.

Patients will need to use medicated eye drops for up to two months after the operation. Most people will be able to return home on the same day. Recovering patients should not rub or touch the eyes, refrain from heavy lifting, avoid unnecessary sunlight, eye makeup or getting soap in the eye.

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