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Blepharoplasty: What the Procedure Involves

Posted Aug 23 2013 5:29am

If you hear your doctor mentioning the word blepharoplasty, with relation to your eye problems, there is no need to get confused. The procedure is nothing but an eyelid surgery for improving your vision and brightening up your eyes. Although it may sound complicated, the procedure is opted by a number of people.

 Why Opt for Eyelid Surgery

When a man or woman chooses blepharoplasty as an elective surgery, both the upper and lower eyelids can be enhanced. Most people meet with their plastic surgeon with complaints about bags under their eyes or excess skin that has settled on top of the upper eyelids. These characteristics can make people look tired and older than they really are.

During the procedure, the excess skin and fat around the eyes are removed. The skin that covers the eyes is pulled tighter and then reattached. The final results may take years to appear completely, but the procedure does transform the appearance of the eyes. Instead of looking tired or worn out all the time, one ends up looking fresh, bright, and wide awake.

Blepharoplasty becomes a medical necessity when the skin of the eyelid becomes so loose that it begins to hang over the eyes. This could cause a partial loss of vision, usually peripheral, and can make it difficult for a person to read, write and drive. This surgical procedure becomes necessary to regain full sight once again.

The Outcome of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Results of blepharoplasty are likely to vary from person to person much like the other forms of plastic surgery. A person opting for blepharoplasty should be in sound health. Any health related problems and any prior reactions to anesthesia must be discussed with the surgeon.

The initial few days, post surgery, can be rather demanding for patients. Advice about dealing with post-operative trauma and pain are given to the patients. For incisions to heal without complications, ointments prescribed by the surgeon can be used.

Patients will be advised to wear sunglasses when moving out in the sun and heat. Without protective sunglasses patients may suffer from irritation in the eyes that may delay the recovery process. Timely and regular checkups are a must, even after getting cured completely.

The internet will prove to be a valuable resource for those looking for a good plastic surgeon to perform the blepharoplasty procedure. However, the credentials and qualifications of the surgeon should be checked before making the final decision.

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