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A happy Christmas indeed!

Posted Dec 22 2011 7:43pm
One more sleep to go until the big man with the beard comes down the chimney. Oh know, he won't get down my chimney, what am I going to do? :)

I got my holidays from work on Wednesday and they got off to a great start when the boss randomly let me go home 3 hours early. The evening was made even better when
won Glor Tire 2011! I watched it with my very excited mum, sister and a family friend, and it was great fun. I'm not just saying it because I know him, but he was definitely the deserving winner. Hopefully lots of good things will come out of this for him, and he deserves them all. The first good thing is that at least we know we've one good singer among us for my aunt's new year's eve party!

I spent yesterday wrapping presents and tidying my house. I went to my Granny's grave with my mum, which is still a difficult thing to do. We will miss her so much this Christmas, but I know she will want us all to enjoy it, and will be happy to know that our family have great things to look forward to in the new year. She was somebody who always encouraged us to make the most of life and do whatever made us happy. That's something I try to do anyway, but will do it even more now, with her in mind of course.

My parents, cousins and a friend came to visit last night and for a couple of hours the house was busy. Someone left the door to the spare room opened, and when we were all distracted OJ crept in. I found him with his head stuck in the bag of his new dog food! Obviously the food change is going well and he likes it.
My house presents are all becoming very festive now. The place is looking very Christmasy. Its still sometimes hard to believe that I actually live here. I'm looking forward to showing some people the house for the first time over the holidays.

I'll be spending today and tomorrow with family and friends, doing last minute present and food shopping, and hopefully walking both dogs on the beach because its been so long since I've done that.

I want to wish everybody who reads here a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thanks for all your comments and help with random questions I've asked during the year. You've all made keeping a blog still feel like a worthwhile thing to do. So from me and OJ, have the best Christmas ever!
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