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Scheduling exercise

Posted by Alexander Z.

I've heard, lord knows where or when, that, when starting an exercise program, it's a good idea to work out one day and rest the nect, etc...

Any truth to that?

~ Alex

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It's helpful to have a buddy - I'm looking for one - hint, hint.... What kind of exercise do you like? Dancing, Yoga, Weight training, Kick boxing...?

It helps if you like your program, then it isn't as much of a chore to force yourself to do it.

look at click on shop, programs, and compare programs - there is a great chart that can help you figure out what you are looking for.

it's good as you are starting out to schedule rest days, and be willing to do lighter days as you adjust to the new level of activity. Many coaches will encourage changing the activity each day  - for example weights on Monday, cardio Tuesday, rest Wednesday, Different weight exercises from monday on Thursday, Cardio Friday, Rest Saturday, Yoga Sunday... .

The programs that I use have workout schedules already programmed in, making fitness a little easier. go check out   or


A complete rest day per week is absolutely essential to your exercise schedule. 

There are a lot of good websites out there that talk about it, but basically, rest is based on the muscle group and type of exercise.  The abdominal muscles are one set of muscles you can exercise every day (situps, crunches- arms over your chest not behind the head!) as well as the quadircepts ("quads", top of your thighs).  That's why you can run every day and not be entirely too sore.  It's a good idea to put a day between your chest, arm and back exercises.  One method that weightlifters use is tovary the workouts to work a set of muscle groups and then rotate them... for example

Day 1- back, bicepts and quads

Day 2- abdominals, chest and glutes (back of thighs butt)

If you're sticking to more athletic exercises that focus on your whole body (you mentioned basketball and frisbee), then you can do that pretty much everyday so long as you feel up to it.  Your body is really your best indicator.  It's okay to work out if you feel a little sore, but if you're really hurting- you may just want to catch a Braves game.

Hope this helps.

I like the Couch to 5k program as it takes you from wherever you are, even if that's doing nothing at all, to a 5k or 30 minutes of jogging 3 days a week. Then you can ramp up from there. Requires 0 equipment except a good pair of shoes!
Good, sound advice! thanks!!

 I'm new to this site but not to exercise and have found if it's been a while since you've exercised its usually best to find something you enjoy doing or you can burn out really easy . Also dont try to over do it and set realistic goals



I'm really not qualified to answer...


I am new to the site and am attempting to get the exercise ball rolling.  I have not worked out for months and am not really ready to go to a gym.  Is there a program or schedule that you would suggest that would get me going.  Right now I want to exercise for 20 minutes at least 3 days a week. I am struggling though on what to do during my exercise time... Any suggestions?


I like to run.  Generally, I'll do a hard run one day and an easy run the next day, and take one or two days rest per week.  Sometimes I'll ride a bike or walk instead of running.

I always have good intentions about weight training, but they seem to slip :-(  When they don't, though, I'll either do alternate days or do upper body one day and lower body the next.  I believe you should take about 48 hour between weight workouts for any individual set of musclex.



I like to alternate days of strength training and cardio by itself so that I don't overly strain my muscles.  If there seems to be too much strain I take a day or so off.
Yes, I believe that...
I have heard when you weight train. The muscle you have exercised needs rest next day. But about cardio or walking or biking or any other excersice which you do like yoga or core excercises can be done everyday.

I'm not even considering a gym.

Regular, intense basketball is enough for me; with frisbee (intense, too) thrown in now and then...

I'm with Jennifer. I think it's best to do strength training and cardio classes every other day and do yoga or pilates and be active the other days. I'm talking about taking a walk or hike, riding a bike, playing tennis or volleyball with a friend, things that let you appreciate the gains you're making in the gym.

Yours is the most original schedule I've seen here !

~ Alex

I think so, yes. Here's what I'm planning on doing (I say planning because, although I've done this before, I'm really bad at staying steady on my schedule):

Monday: Exercise
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Exercise
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: Exercise
Saturday: Exercise
Sunday: REST

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