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Encouragement I sometimes have difficulty making myself exercise every day, but I've found Losing It With Jillia ...
Jun 21 2010 9:40am
Extreme Brite White The amazing system removes several layers of blots that gather on your enamel due to continuous in ...
Feb 09 2010 3:48am
Workout Routines Programs Not only exercising can make you fit and healthy rather one needs to have a proper intake of food so ...
May 20 2009 9:38pm
The best workout routine for fat loss that I've come across is the one in the Fat Loss... more
Apr 28 2012 3:53pm
comment how should we manage our balancd diet in such hectic schedule? Baby Gear
Apr 30 2009 9:51pm
Arms What exercises  are best for the back of the arm.   Need fast results.
Mar 02 2009 2:03pm
I would add to the above post to be sure and warm up before any type of workout. ... more
Jan 28 2010 2:30pm
5 Relaxing Activities Stressed Out? Why not try one of these 5 relaxing activities to ease your mind.   1. Croquet ...
Jan 06 2009 3:02pm
Great ways suggested relaxing & unwinding when we're exhausted. Sometime deep... more
Feb 05 2014 8:58am
STANFORD WINS THE PAC 10 FITNESS CHALLENGE! Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Pac 10 Fitness Challenge, and CONGRATULATION ...
Nov 07 2008 10:04am
Great job!  It's great to see the Stanford community come together and achieve success! more
Jan 09 2009 9:53am
HULAerobics! Around 1300, hooping came to Great Britain; homemade versions of the toy became very popular. In t ...
Oct 30 2008 6:23pm
Mel B wants you.... To tighten up your "jubbily bits." And she wants to help. In February, her three-disc exerci ...
Sep 19 2008 5:10pm
Crossfit Stanford If you are going to be on Stanford campus this year (08-09) and are looking for a program, I'm goi ...
Sep 14 2008 3:39pm