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Strength Exercise of the Week: Trap Bar Deadlift vs. Band by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional It's been a while since I posted an "Exercise of the Week," but hopefully today's offering will atone for that, as this is one of my favorite exercises to program in the lat ... Read on »
Work for what you want! #fitness #fitblr #fitspo #FitFluential... by Madsweat Health Maven Work for what you want! #fitness #fitblr #fitspo #FitFluential #nasm #scottsdale #scottsdalefitness #scottsdalepersonaltrainer #personaltrainer #Personaltrainers #p ... Read on »
What Every Woman Should Know About Heart Disease by BodyByBrent   Heart disease is the number one killer of women and is more deadly than all forms of cancer. Many women are either unaware of their symptoms or they are thought ... Read on »
Currently…. by fitrunningmama Happy Friday! It’s been MONTHS since I have done one of these and life is very different then the last time I did one! Reading: I dug out my baby sleep “bible” that I  read ... Read on »
Take what you need: RAOK (the child’s guest post). by Carla B. Patient Expert It was recently Random Acts of Kindness week at the Child’s elementary school. These little gestures are things we’ve done together since she was tiny. The th ... Read on »
"It's Never Easy" by islandgurl It don't come easy at any point and the fitter you are the harder you must work to see change. Embrace the pain at whatever point you're at in your fitness journey and ... Read on »
Reminder: Its never to late for a new beginning! #fitness... by Madsweat Health Maven Reminder: Its never to late for a new beginning! #fitness #fitblr #fitspo #FitFluential #nasm #scottsdale #scottsdalefitness #scottsdalepersonaltrainer #personaltrai ... Read on »
"Cardio" by islandgurl Yep, had to add in the stationary cardio and cut down my running to strip the fat.. My favorite machine to use that works my legs and glutes while burning off fat is th ... Read on »
#ForeverStrong by islandgurl No one said it would be easy or by any means pain free. Your mind and your hunger needs to be stronger than the pain, the exhaustion and frustration you feel on those c ... Read on »
How To Make Tuna Taste Better In 30 Seconds Or Less by Nat Carter Tuna does have a reputation of somewhat a "fitness food" however having been on several "eat tuna till it becomes your life" diets, I'm somewhat repulsed by it and when I ... Read on »