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No Bake Peanut Butter Beast Cookies by Tee Major Sometimes I get sick and tired of just drinking protein. So I made these NO BAKE PEANUT BUTTER BEAST COOKIES. Combine 1 Cup peanut butter - 1 Cup Vanilla Protein - 1/2 Cut ... Read on »
How to Avoid Eating When Bored by Bill .. SHARE this post! One of the positive aspects of working is that a dieter is busy and occupied and, in theory, doesn’t have time to ov ... Read on »
Dieting Tools Everyone Should Own by Bill .. SHARE this post! As with any project, having the right tool is essential.  Dieting is no different. Diet support tools may not preven ... Read on »
Making Your Kitchen Diet Friendly by Bill .. SHARE this post! A kitchen stocked with ice cream, potato chips and chocolate cakes can be challenging for a dieter.  It’s a no brain ... Read on »
Wine and Dieting by Bill .. SHARE this post! There’s a camaraderie to having a glass of wine with friends or family before dinner. And there’s no question that s ... Read on »
Breaking Through Weight Loss Plateaus by Bill .. SHARE this post! Plateaus are a major factor in diet failures. A successful and motivated dieter can go for months watching the scale ... Read on »
Drinking Beer on a Diet by Bill .. SHARE this post! Is it possible for a dieter to drink beer without getting a beer belly? Good news: Yes (with the right low calori ... Read on »
Best Diet Food – Beef or Chicken? by Bill .. SHARE this post! When asked to choose between a prime rib, broiled chicken breast or baked haddock, most dieters will go for the chic ... Read on »
Great Reasons to Love Dieting by Bill .. SHARE this post! It’s easy to write a list of 12 reasons to hate dieting. There isn’t an overweight person who couldn’t easily mak ... Read on »