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"Like" if you agree: "Challenges are what make life interesting... by Madsweat Health Maven "Like" if you agree: "Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." #fitness #fitblr #fitspo #FitFluential #nasm #sc ... Read on »
Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read: 1/28/15 by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional It's time for this week's installment of recommended strength and conditioning reading. Here are three articles worth reviewing: 7 Strategies for Strength Training with ... Read on »
WIAW: Comfort and Cravings by fitrunningmama Happy Wednesday!  I remember thinking that January would be the slow month.  Last week I told a friend how fast it was moving.  This week not so much!  If I had a dollar for ... Read on »
When sitting becomes a health risk by Logan F. Healthy Living Professional More and more time spent sitting at the computer (or TV) means greater health risks, this according to a local doctor writing in the newspaper. Even daily workouts may not b ... Read on »
Yoga for Athletes: Why Activation and Inhibition Matter More than Stretching by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Today's guest post comes from yoga expert, Dana Santas, who is "changing the game" when it comes to yoga for athletes. Enjoy! -EC Ten years ago, I taught yoga to ... Read on »
I walked my half-marathon! by Carla B. Patient Expert My base-layer Sunday. On many levels. I did it. I’ll say again, more than anything, I’m proud of myself (<—yep. P-word). I was exhausted (hats off to si ... Read on »
21 Day Fix Banana Pancake Recipe by Sue Kauffman Happy January everyone!  Just another snow day here in Central PA.  I’m really grateful for the Turbo charged ice scraper/snow brush my hubby got me for Christmas.  It has ... Read on »
Weekend Highlights and Baby Watch 2015 by fitrunningmama It’s Sunday night as I write this and it’s nearly 7pm– I’ll be in bed very soon!!  We had another great weekend!  Lots of family time, date time and plenty of down time! I’m ... Read on »
Muscle Pumping Workout! by islandgurl My Muscle Pumping, Fat Burning 1x50 Rep. Workout.▪️➖▪️ Keeping rest time to 60-90s between each exercise. Prepare your weights needed during the 60-90s for next ex ... Read on »