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Zumba Is fun and easy!! See..

Posted Jan 19 2010 11:36pm

1. Zumba combines resistance training with fast and slow intervals to keep your body confused, increase fat burning, and sculpt muscles. The varying rhythms keep your body from learning the routine

2. Zumba is easy to follow. Zumba dance moves are pretty basic. You repeat a lot of the same moves, so Zumba is really easy to learn.

3. Zumba is credited with improving coordination. Those uncoordinated gym rats out there touting the benefits of Zumba have said the fun dance moves have made them much more coordinated. Your body just functions better, meaning you arms and legs learn how to move.

4. Zumba improves mental clarity. Learning new Zumba moves gives your brain a good workout as well as your body.

5. Most exercise routines focus on a specific area. Not Zumba! Zumba gives your core an intense workout creating killer abs, while increasing long, lean muscle growth in your arms and legs. Zumba creates a sexy lithe dancer's body.

6. Zumba is fast! You'll burn tons of calories. Depending on your fitness level, you can burn up to and perhaps beyond 1,000 calories in one Zumba session.

7. Zumba is fun! A lot of workouts feel like a punishment. You forget your working out when you do Zumba. Zumba Fanatics all over the world have been hosting Zumba parties. Because Zumba is so much fun it's an easy program to stick with.






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