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Yup, your mother was right. Her tips will help you achieve better health

Posted Jun 18 2008 2:05am

Motherandchild Maturing from childhood to adolescence to adulthood is all about evolving through stages and various changes. It was interesting to experience the transitions from stage to stage. We quickly outgrew our shoes, struggled not to be seen with our pant slightly too short (or as we used to call them “high-waters”), hated those acne breakouts and undesired blemishes, and numerous other memorable challenges/experiences.

Maybe you had siblings that were there with you throughout the challenges of each stage. Maybe they sought to help you get though the stages with greater ease or possibly, they represented an added challenge as well. Whether you hated or loved them, siblings have played a big role, influenced many of our views about life and many of the decisions we have made.

I hope that you were fortunate to grow up with both a mom and dad present. For those that grew up in a single parent home headed by just their mom, most all will agree their mom had tips, advice and know-how for every occasion of life. She was an indispensable reference and covered all topics. She wore many hats and quickly switched them up to play the role of a trusted physician, seamstress, tutor, chauffeur, lead chef, hairdresser, bodyguard, dishwashing specialist, ATM, gardener, etiquette/manners coach, disciplinarian, personal shopper, housekeeper, confidant, and nutritionist. In addition, she may have been a fill-in dad if that was also required.

No matter how many things have changed in the world over the years, mom was absolutely right when she provided these tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget to call your mom today and thank her again for all she has contributed to your life. Tell her it turns out that she was absolutely right about so many things.


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