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Your Weight Loss And Body Shape--Be Realistic

Posted Feb 21 2011 6:54pm
You will never reach your weight loss and body toning goals if they are unrealistic. Some of us just don't have the genetic makeup to look like cover models. That's okay! You can set a goal to look and feel the best that YOU can. That's a realistic goal.

Weight loss motivation usually begins when you have become motivated to improve in other areas of your life.

I'm not a psychologist, but I am a human. I know that when I am "messed up" in other areas of my life, it can sometimes be hard to exercise regularly and lose weight or maintain weight. Its also easier to eat those fatty "comfort foods" that pack on the pounds quickly.

Here are 4 tips for you:

1. Fear is a huge obstacle for some like fear of setting goals because of fear of failure. According to experts, setting low goals or no goals means you don't have to live up to high expectations.

2. When you have tried everything and nothing has worked, its easier to just give up. Don't give up. Keep trying. All it takes is the right exercise and nutrition program to help you succeed.

3. Remember, weight loss is about improving your health. In an poll, 65% of site visitors said they were losing weight for appearance. And, only 35% said they were losing weight for health. That's why quick weight loss programs (with no long-term benefits) continue to sell out.

4. You can't be perfect. Consistent (and smart) exercise and healthy eating will give you a healthy, toned body. Period. Don't stop no matter how long it takes!

Here's some other motivational tips.

You can reach your weight loss and fat loss goals! Stay with it---YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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"Exercise is not my life.....exercise makes my life better!"

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