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Your Instincts And How It Relate...

Posted Sep 12 2008 12:07pm

Your Instincts
And How It Relates To Training

"Follow your instincts. You alone know where you really want to go."-Donald Trump
It should come as no suprise to anyone that knows me that I am quoting Donald Trump. I’ve always liked to read about successful people and Donald Trump is no different. Love it or hate it the man knows how to succeed and get up when he gets knocked down. People don’t follow their instincts; most people are too scared to fail. As matter of fact, most people are scared of success and are happy doing what they’ve always done.
People would rather stay around negative relationships or act the same way that they have been then trust their instincts and set a new path. It’s hard to say bye to people who aren’t good for you or make a risky business decision, it’s a lot easier to settle for less and just go with something because you’re “suppose” to. The easy thing is typically the worst choice.
How does this relate to training? A lot, training is life. If you are suppose to deadlift heavy but don’t feel like it, should you? No. If you want to lose weight should you go run for 40 minutes when you hate it? No but since that is how we always have done it we might as well go ahead and start running. Trust your instincts, don’t look back and get yours.
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