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Your Favorite Workout Clothes

Posted by Nirmala N.

What do you generally wear when you work out? Do you have a favorite brand or favorite material?
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Cheap and Comfortable. I wear whatever's cheap and comfortable. I'm continually amazed at how expensive yoga clothes have gotten. $100 for a pair of stretchy workout pants? I guess if I were some bored gold digger spending my man's money, I might buy $100 workout pants. The last ones I got were regular workout pants on eBay for $15 including shipping. $30 or $40 is a reasonable price to me for new ones at a shop, but if it's over that, I wouldn't bother. I know how much these things are marked up from the manufacturing cost. Often, the cheap vs. expensive clothes cost the same to make, the difference is in the label stuck on them.
Versatile. I like clothes that are baggy enough to not feel restrictive, or too revealing, yet are not going to be so baggy that I expose myself while in certain positions. For example, I usually opt for pants over shorts for sit ups, and shirts that are snug at the waist for push ups.
yoga clothes!. i like wearing yoga pants to work out, whether i am doing actual yoga or kickboxing. they move with my body and do not inhibit me, slide down (resulting in constantly having to pull them up), or trip me up (as looser pants can do.) i like my work out shirts to be fairly fitted, so that i don't flash people when bending over but i don't like them to by like a second skin either, as that makes me self-conscious. it's easy to find pants at a reasonable price but i find work out tops hard to locate with the same conditions being met. i have a few cotton t-shirts and a tight-fitting tank for underneath that work well though.
I Love Free T-Shirts. I am pretty much a shorts and T-shirt gal. "Nothing fancy but a lot of sweat" is my motto. Yet, I am starting to gravitate to combination of workout bra and tank top. I don't know what you call them, but they are tops for me. I just have to make sure the support is there for my racquetball games.
Black. Let's face it, everyone's rear looks smaller in black pants! I used to love the shorty-shorts, but on the backside of my thirties, I now go for black yoga pants most of the time. Tank tops with built in bras work well for me and maybe a tshirt over top. I think it's important, especially if you exercise in front of a mirror - as in a studio, that you wear something flattering. There's nothing worse than spending an hour beating yourself up because the shirt you're wearing cuts you in the wrong place. Choose wisely!
Cool and Covered. I like a tank with a nice wide shoulder strap. They don't interfere with your range of motion. I hate loose t-shirts because they don't absorb sweat as well as something that is actually touching your body. In the summer I wear shorts for outside workouts and capri length workout bottoms for the gym. I switch to pants in the winter. Like Lela said, I like to feel that I look good in the clothes I workout in as well.
Comfy & Cute & Cheap. I like to wear black capri stretch pants pants, a brightly colored (BRIGHT pink, yellow, green or purple) sports bra--Target has great selections, and an Old Navy small sized men's wife-beater. I find ON's w-b's to be longer than most--they're also really cheap. As far as shoes go, I like need ankle support. I usually go to an athletic footwear shop and ask for shoes that provide great ankle support and are on sale. I get great shoes for no more than 100.
Fave workout clothes. All-purpose yoga pants and tank tops with secure built-in bras are my favorite workout gear. I hate shorts, and I also hate oversized tee-shirts. I like feeling that the amount of material sticking to my skin is minimal, but I also prefer clothes that are more snug, as I feel I have a wider range of motion.
Shorts and Tank Tops Year Round..... I usually wear running style shorts (the kind that would be too short to wear for any other purpose), a sports bra and a tank top. I used to wear long pants in the winter, but I get itchy when I sweat. I find that even on cold mornings shorts and tank tops work because I warm up enough within a mile or so. I also run in a 2 mile loop that ends at my house so I know I am always only a short distance from home if I need another layer or a potty break. ;-)
this is a great site for workout clothes:

I love lululemon athletica, and I wish they had an online store! I tend to also wear a lot of Under Armor--it fits well on women, but isn't girly with pink swirly designs.

Drill Coach

Title nine has alot of great yoga and just cute clothes to fit a fit woman
new product that is amazing..check out, it is like a second skin, moves well when you are excercising and the styles and colors are awesome!
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