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Your 5 Step Personal Development Plan

Posted Feb 10 2009 10:00am
Personal development plans are certainly very popular today and can be put together to help you with everything from career improvement to weight loss to public speaking.

While the methods and tools used to achieve the desired personal development outcome may vary from high priced seminars to moderately priced books, there are a number of simple steps that can be used to get you started on the right path to reach your own personal development goal, such as:

1) Identify the Cause The best starting point for a self-development plan is to identify how you arrived in the position you’re in right now. As an example, if your own personal development goal involves weight loss then you should have a look at the lifestyle factors that have led to your weight problem. Commit to paper all the reasons you can think of for your problem and then try to come up with a list of achievable solutions that will get you to your desired goal.

2) Goal Setting You must have a clear goal in mind if your are to achieve any kind of personal development. You must be totally honest with yourself when it comes to determining exactly what you want to achieve. It will be very difficult to successfully attain something you are not very clear about.

3) Make a Plan Having set your goal you should commit to a firm plan of action setting out how you intend to achieve said goal. Wherever possible split bigger tasks into small steps that will be as easy as possible to implement.

4) Focus and Commitment Once you have decided on your goal and worked out the plan that you feel will allow you to reach it, you need to stay focussed and committed to achieving what you have decided upon. Little and often will be the best policy. Make yourself a promise that you will make time every day and stick to this promise. Don’t let distractions deflect you from it. If you do this you will soon find it becomes habit and at that point it will become easier.

5) Look for Inspiration It will be of great benefit to look for inspiration from others that have overcome the same personal development challenge as your own. This can be in the form of books, seminars, courses or even a person from your local community that you may be able to contact to get some tips or advice.

Continuous personal development should be a goal for all of us throughout our lives. Identifying areas that we think could do with some improvement and acting on them will enrich our lives on an ongoing basis.

No matter which area of your life you intend to improve by following the steps outlined above and committing to the plan you can be assured of achieving your goals and in doing so gain more confidence to not only achieve other personal development goals but do it quicker and easier each time. Break free of the shackles and live the completely magnificent unfettered life you were designed to live at The true secret of thinking positive is laid out for you there in black and white.

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