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You Can Get Relief From Your Allergies

Posted Jan 28 2012 6:46am

An allergy is an adverse physical reaction the body has to an everyday (usually) substance which could be something that is eaten, rubbed on the body, drunk, worn or even just something in the atmosphere. The substance causing the allergy is called an allergen and can quite frankly be anything including the sun or even the air itself but the result is usually the same; a physical reaction occurs which can be quite severe.

Some of the most common allergies are caused by food which can be very serious; probably the most notorious of these foodstuffs is nuts, especially peanuts. Milk, soy, corn, and even rice are a few others that might cause allergic reaction with no apparent reason and some people are allergic to processed products and foods.

Although in a small percentage, even chocolate can cause reaction in a few people and because food allergies mostly affect the immune system, respiratory and systems, an allergic reaction should be taken seriously. Of course seafood also causes problems with some people in particular crustaceans so they should be avoided but it is surprising how many people that know they have a an allergy to something continue to take the risk as they enjoy the food so much.

Allergies that cause skin rashes, redness and itching are usually the result of eating citrus fruits. However it is the nut family, especially peanuts, that pose the most serious and life threatening allergic reactions and can even be just a simple case of contact with them so allergy testing for this particular food is a good idea.

It may seem extremely unfair but even the pollen of some flowers, weeds and grass can affect breathing and damage the respiratory system. This is another situation where allergy testing is advised because although the flowers may be removed from the room or premises it still needs to be proved that the flowers are responsible for the allergy.

Allergies relating to pharmaceutical products are not uncommon and can normally be detected fairly quickly as they cause swelling and rashes but sometimes the reactions cannot be seen and because of this damage to the organs may occur owing to the time it takes to discover the problem. It is the component sulfur that causes many of the drug bases reactions and if this happens, a doctor must carefully watch the situation in case the reaction might be repeated with any other prescribed medication.

Metal is also another allergen which can cause skin problems; nickel is the biggest culprit but a small number of people can even have a reaction to gold and silver. Metal allergies can cause many skin related symptoms including , rashes or the skin turning a deep red in the affected area and even swelling.

If you know you may have an allergy, avoiding, the substances is the first course of action but allergies can change or become more pronounced so regular allergy testing should be carried out as a form of preventative measure.

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