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Yohimbe Supplements

Posted Apr 22 2010 11:56pm
African tribes have long taken this not just as an aphrodisiac but as a cure for common ailments such as fever and cold.The supplement, is actually an alkaloid extract from the bark of the tree that is normally found in the western African region.

I am sure you kept a weight loss diet at least once in your life. A common problem you face when you want to lose weight, is that once you start to bring your calories intake lower, your body adjusts and decreases its metabolic rate, which hinders your ability to get rid of fat. It seems that yohimbe can help in this respect, as it increases the metabolic rate of the body. Moreover, as an added benefit, it is specifically helpful in fighting the fat from difficult areas, such as hips for example.

Yohimbe also has a positive impact on that area of the brain that controls one’s desires and arousal. Thus, it addresses both the physiological and the psychological side of erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, when the problem is related to the organic nerves, it may not be the greatest solution for you. The best thing to do is to ask the doctor for other treatment alternatives.

Yohimbe is not only good for men but for women as well, particularly those who have problems with their libido. It is able to promote arousal and desire so that women can respond to their loved one with passion and excitement. And not only that, it can also benefit those who are suffering from depression, as it is able to prevent the presence of amono-amine oxidase, an enzyme that is believed to increase the occurrence of depression in people.

A word of warning, though. You should be careful when taking yohimbe because taking too much of it will result in toxic reactions, while taking too little will not give you the effect you want.

And, when taking yohimbe, there are certain foods and medication that you should avoid, as these can negatively react with the herb and cause discomfort and harm to you as well. These include foods that are rich in tyramine, like red wine, cheese products and chicken liver. It is best to ask your doctor first before taking this supplement.

This is an article written by Adrian Vasquez. Read more on Yohimbe Side Effects and explore Yohimbine

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