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Yeast infections and Emotional Eating Stop Weight Loss

Posted May 08 2011 12:30am

I found this great article from a woman’s point of view about the links between emotional eating and how s can stop proper weight loss. Do you suffer from yeast infections? Maybe this is a reason why you have trouble losing weight.

There are many important weight loss discoveries to lose weight. Weight loss can be achieved with the right knowledge. In this article I will offer you that knowledge. When I was trying to lose weight, I had no one to guide me and hence I made some mistakes along the way. I hope you don’t make those same mistakes like me.

The first mistake I made was to choose a fad weight loss program like the Weight Watchers for my weight loss. I failed to realize, until after it was too late, that fad diet plans come with their own shortcomings.

The second was not noticing what my body was doing and why I was suffering so many yeast infections.

It went like this: the Weight Watchers program worked perfectly for the first few weeks. It helped me lose weight with the kind of speed I wanted. However, it fell flat after a few months. I soon discovered that I wasn’t losing weight as rapidly as before.

I discussed it with my friends, and they said that maybe I am not sticking to my diet plan and ‘straying’ too much. It was of no use convincing them that such was not the case. At last they suggested that I should record all my eating and other habits in a weight loss diary.

1. First discovery – Emotional eating: I finally realized that my friends were not all wrong when they said I was ‘straying’. I just didn’t realize it myself. I would eat a few packets of chips, a bowl of chocolate soup, some pastries etc. every day. They had formed such integral parts of my daily life that I just couldn’t get over them. And that was partially responsible for the failure of my diet plan.

2. Second discovery – Yeast infection : If you take antibiotics over a prolonged period of time, it will destroy the probiotics present in your digestive system – the good bacteria that help you with digestion. Slowly the yeast infections would engulf your entire intestine in such a way that you will feel drowsy and fatigued all the time, have cravings for sweet foods, and experience abdominal acidity right after eating. Well, that was what had happened with me. This was yet another stumbling block that I had to remove.

The yeast infections problem can be eradicated by eating foods that are rich in probiotics, such as yogurt, kefir, etc. Don’t ignore this problem as it can wreck havoc with your weight loss plan.

Once you eliminate those two stumbling blocks from your life, weight loss is inevitable. Click Here to find a good natural yeast infections cure .

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