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Yea! for a High Protein Diet

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:24pm 1 Comment
H ealthDay News reports that eating more protein can help increase levels of a hunger-fighting hormone called peptide YY (PYY), according to British scientists.

Question: Did they really need another study to figure this out? Okay, I shouldn't be sarcastic. They may be a little behind the real world curve, but at least they're now providing scientific studies to back up what old school weightlifters and bodybuilders have known all along. Read all about it here.

P.S. By a "high protein diet," they don't mean Atkins.
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I couldn't agree more; however, look at the obesity rate. In America over 30% of adults are medically categoried as obese, and similar rates of obesity pervade our youth.

What's worth paying for are programs designed to teach healthy eating habits, lifestyle changes and recipes in a participatory environment so children and adults actually experience, learn and adopt these changes into their daily lives.

And...well, some of us know all proteins are not created equal. Another day, another blog...

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