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Posted Jan 07 2009 3:02pm

Best Pilates Website

I’m a gym rat. I love the sweat, metal, dirt, grunts and muscles.

I do not like yoga. Yes, I used to write for a yoga site, and I even practice yoga on occassion, because flexibility is important, but if I had a choice I’d be in the gym, repping til I can’t rep no more.

When Katherine and Kimberly approached me, asking if I would try their website,, I was skeptical. Aside from one pilates DVD I own, hosted by a woman in a unitard, sporting a killer cameltoe in the middle of the woods, telling me to focus on my pubis, I don’t have any experience with Pilates.

Not being one to turn down something free new, I agreed.

The site itself, is the only one of its kind, offering FREE pilates videos to all members. They stream right onto your computer, so all you do is click and you have a full length pilates workout ready and waiting for you join along.

There are 4 membership levels as follows:

For the Basic Membership (FREE): All mat and mat related workouts are 100% free to view, streaming directly from our website. Basic Members pay to download videos, but viewing is free.

Deluxe Membership ($9.99/month): Basic PLUS all REFORMER workouts are free to view as streaming media. The Deluxe membership also includes THREE free downloads per month.

Premier Membership ($17.99/month): Deluxe PLUS all EQUIPMENT workouts are free to view as streaming media, and you get FIVE free downloads per month.

Ultimate Membership (annual only): Unlimited access to the entire site, including the training videos for each exercise and each piece of equipment. With the Ultimate Membership you all get unlimited downloads.

I will say this again, cause I got tripped up the first time, with Basic (FREE!) membership you can still view full length pilates workouts, for free, right on your computer. How cool is that??

Each video is led by Katherine and Kimberly, who aside from being adorable and great in front of the camera, have hair that is Garnier Fructise commercial material. Jealous.

I started with the beginner video, because I am a beginner at pilates. I know I’m in shape, and am usually prone to jumping into advanced things before I know the basics, but decided to do this properly and learn the fundementals.

The cueing was perfect. Instead of becoming confused trying to figure out on my own if I was doing an exercise properly, I knew exactly where I should be feeling things and what motion I was trying to achieve. I’m a trainer, I know how hard it is to cue for the core, but with Katherine’s direction, I knew exactly what to do.

My imbalances became apparent immediately. All the ab and core exercises were pretty easy for me, but when it came to anything where hamstring flexibility was a factor- I was struggling. But the great thing about it was that I actually felt like I had made an improvement by the end of routine. Normally, its just a “oh, that’s tight, I need to work on my flexibility” feeling, even with yoga, but by the end of the workout I actually felt like my muscles had loosened a bit.

My horrible posture also became apparent (I blame you guys for making me sit at this computer so much) as it because increasingly more diffcult to hold positions without letting my shoulders droop.

Pilates is perfect for focusing on your core, and how to engage, and keep it engaged, throughout all the exercises. Its a full body, low impact, flexibility and strength workout. I’m hooked.

Its the perfect melding between a good sweaty workout and yoga. I get my flexibility and calming effect, while appeasing my gym side with reps and muscle fatigue.

I really recommend this site for all levels: beginners to test the waters for free and see if they like it, and the most advanced Pilatuers (pronounced pi-la-tooooooors) for great downloads of workouts with equipment and the Reformer, which, honestly, I’m scared to go near because it reminds me of the gynocologist’s office.

I was going to write a clinching conclusion that would get you over to their site as fast as possible, when I realized a link would do the trick:

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