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WWLD: Ball Game

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:26pm
Sing it with me...

Take Lance out to the ball game, take Lance out to the crowd,
buy him some(low sodium)peanuts and(sugar-free)cracker jacks.

He won't care if you ever invite him back!

Over the weekend I went with a friend to watch America's Pastime...eating, at the Washington National's brand new stadium. I was pumped to see 30,000 fans competing to be The Biggest Gainer in 9 innings, as well as my favorite baseball team (the Chicago Cubs) beat up on the Nat's. 

Mr. President, it was a pleasure to put itching powder in your jock.

So when surrounded by all shapes of processed meat, $12 watered down beers, shirtless fans who shouldn't be shirtless, and the echoing sound of obscenities...

Pre-game Strategy:

  •   Calm down yourpre-game eating jitters by having a lot of water and a well balanced healthy meal or snack as close to the first pitch as possible. This will help curb your thirst and hunger, allowing you to think clearly when you are under pressure at the game.
  • Choose your food opponent  before you enter the stadium and decide which one you will play against. Will it be one or two orders from the beer-man, a hotdog with the fixings, or the jumbo bag of salted peanuts - not all of them! 

Game Time:
  • Know your teammates or the foods and beverages that you can turn to for help so you don't get shut out on the health score board.
  • Scout out the vendors and food stands  instead of going to the first one you see. Get a good idea of all the different options you have for eating and drinking because their might be some hidden healthier stuff buried in all the mess. 
Lance's Statistics:

  • Grilled Chicken Breast Platter - ditched the fries and bun, kept the lettuce and tomato 
  • Half Bag of Shelled Peanuts - found an unsalted one
  • Half Peroni Beer - Wasn't intimidated by the bartender, who told me to get rid of the nipple on the bottle!

Let me root root root for your health team, if they don't win its a shame

For it'sone, two, three beers, you're out at theold weight game!

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