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Would a home gym get you to workout more?

Posted by Cindy P.

My husband and I have often discussed that our dream home would include a gym basement. In Basement Becomes Ultimate Home Gym, the dreamer in me has redesigned our whole concept of what I’d like to see in our family gym. Wow! Check out the sauna and steam shower in the gallery. The article does contain great points on how to design and set up a home gym regardless of budget.

Of course, this got me to thinking, would a fancy gym really increase exercise and enforce a healthy lifestyle? Ultimately, the honeymoon period of all the neat gadgets and fancy equipment will fade. Will consistent dedication to being healthy and fit ensure the home gym isn’t left sitting underneath the main floors of the home? The excuse for inconvenience is no longer valid, but will another excuse emerge to justify one’s habits?

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- Go Workout Mom

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I think the key is to get a piece of equipment you ENJOY using - whether it's a simple yoga mat, stability ball, dumbells or a whole gym. I bought one of those stability balls and just having it sitting there makes me do my crunches because it's always there reminding me. I think the key is if it's in a place that's visible and you have to see it, then it's a great tool to remind you. A lot of people build a big, fancy gym in the basement but it's easy to forget about, because, well, it's in the basement.
That is so true Samantha. My mom got me a stability ball for Christmas and I'm loving the variety it provides around home.
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