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Workouts To Burn Fat: Critical Advice for Muscle Gain

Posted Jun 29 2010 3:40am

Life can be hectic, and our busy world demands that we juggle taking care of children, going to work or school, and meeting other obligations. And we’re supposed to exercise too! When can you find time to burn fat?

An alternative many people turn to is short workouts. Do three or four ten minute workouts produce the same effects as one long one?

You may be able to find the time for these workouts, but do they burn fat? If your body needs to warm up for about twenty minutes in order to kick into fat burning mode, how can short workouts be effective?

The American Heart Association has found that several short exercise sessions benefit your body just as well as one long session, provided that they equal the same amount of time.

This means that if you do four ten minute workouts, you are doing the same great things for your body that a single forty minute workout can do. To make it even more effective, the AHA recommends that you make these short workouts as intense as possible.

So the key to making your short workouts count is to make sure they are rigorous and challenging to your body. Here are some ways you can do this:

1. Run like the wind.

Try to go at a faster pace than you normally would. If you’re not a runner, walk very briskly for ten minutes. Both will get your heart pumping.

2. Hop on the treadmill or elliptical.

You probably don’t want to drive back and forth to the gym four times a day, but if you’re there anyway, hop on a machine and push the intensity.

3. Use the stairs. Or a hill.

Then walk back down and repeat until you hit ten minutes.

4. Try some jumping jacks.

5. Jump rope.

What makes a good ten minute workout is intensity. Work hard, go all out, and you’ll burn fat. Strength training is also great for your mini-workouts.

Make sure you include strength training in your short workout routine. Your body needs the variety in order to keep challenged and burn fat. Do a quick warm-up before you do the following:

* Squats: these are the moves to get the most out of your workout. They are very effective.

* Lunges

* Deadlifts

* Tricep dips

* Squats. Squats are one of the most effective moves to tone your lower body.

You can do sets of each or combine them to create compound moves. These work more muscle at the same time. Examples of compound moves are: squats combined with overhead presses, lunges paired with chest presses, and knee lifts with tricep kickbacks.

Just because your workout is condensed, don’t neglect the warm-up and cool-downs. Walking briskly to warm up, and walking at a more moderate pace to cool down is sufficient. You can also do some stretching moves to release tension in your muscles.

The important thing with exercise is to do it. If you can do four ten minute workouts per day, that is great. You will see results, and you will burn fat.

Working out for shorter periods of time can also be much more motivating and can help you stick with your exercise program.

Your busy schedule may be a valid excuse for not doing a long workout each day, but not with short workouts! You can always find ten minutes somewhere.

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