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Workout styles

Posted by Nirmala N.

I'm curious--what kinds of workouts do bloggers on this site prefer? I know everyone is different--I have friends who are runners, some who are gym-goers, and other people who limit their exercise to walking to and from work. What is your style in terms of what you like to do and how you do it (i.e., morning/evening, with or without a friend, competitive or non-competitive)?
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Gym routine. I typically go to the gym alone and after work. At the end of the day, it's late, I'm tired, or have too much house work, so going in the evenings is not actually productive. My goal for next week is to go to the gym in the morning. Since I'm alone, I can't be competitive with someone, but I am a competitive person, so I tend to push myself a lot while on the elliptical or on a weight machine. It's like giving yourself a motivational speech... you feel better about your accomplishments after.
I have to get outside. More than the physical health benefits from running, lately with my unbelievably busy and stressful schedule, exercising has served as mental medicine. Getting outside and running, though usually I'm fighting myself (have a beer vs. go for a run), helps release that tension that's built up in my entire body, as well as help to clear my head when I'm feeling overwhelmed. When I get back inside, I feel better about myself, and usually my head has cleared so I have a better picture of how to get the 300 items on my to-do list finished!
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