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Workout IQ: kettlebell workout of the week 06/04/2008

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:58pm

I am always looking for new kettlebell workouts on because there are so many people posting great videos to inspire me. I prefer kettlebell circuit training because it will maximize fat loss and force your body's conditioning to improve. When it comes to putting together a kettlebell circuit choose the exercises and the reps in advance. For example pick five exercises such as the swing, clean, rotational clean, press and rack squat. Then select the amount of reps for each exercise, anything from 5-20 is fine. The lower the amount of reps you choose, the more times you should go through the circuit. Once you have your plan of attack just get after it and really try to achieve systemic fatigue. Systemic fatigue is total body failure and that is what you are aiming for during a kettlebell circuit training workout. You do not want one muscle group giving out before the rest of the body. If your shoulders start to tire, reduce the number of reps in the press and move to the next exercise. Do not let a muscle group gas out and force you to stop. The key to kettlebell circuit training is to keep that kettlebell moving! Get as much work done in as little time as possible! A good kettlebell circuit will have panting and sweating buckets within minutes and the entire workout should not last more than 20 minutes not including warm-up and mobility work.

The video below created by presents a great kettlebell circuit workout and I highly recommend you try it.

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