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Workout in the Park, A Perfect Sunday Afternoon

Posted Aug 11 2008 9:00pm

Today I had a light day scheduled so I went out the local playground and banged out a fast paced, low intensity (by intensity I mean weight or load) full body workout. I didn't use my kettlebells on this session because I have been taking a break from them. My goal was simply to stimulate my muscles and burn some fat. I love training at the playground because I can work at a faster pace than at the gym. I never have to wait to do an exercise!

My workout consisted of pull-ups, dips, blast strap rows, blast strap push-ups, pistol squats and afterwards some 40 meter sprints to really blast my metabolism. I did one set of each exercise, except the sprints, without any real rest between each movement. Once a round had been completed I would catch my breath while stretching out my calves. Here is what it looked like:

I did 4 sets of this circuit before moving over to 40 meter sprints. Pull-ups and dips are great for building upper muscle without stressing your body out. They are very effective for building relative strength and packing on muscle. Pistol squats are an amazing unilateral leg drill that will improve the power and strength in your legs. Pistol squats also balance out any weaknesses between your legs, improve your mobility, improve knee health, and increase core strength so I highly recommend them even for power athletes like power lifters. I do heavy squatting but also do a lot of pistol squats to balance out my legs. Blast straps will make you carved from stone. Don't believe me, look at gymnasts who compete in the rings. The time under tension combined with the multiple planes your hands can and will move in make your muscles work like crazy. I find I get a great core workout from blast straps also. If you don't have a pair of blast straps you should really get some!

I finished with a few sets of sprints. I don't exactly how many but it was probably under ten. Sprints are great for burning fat and building explosive power. Sprints are not just for athletes who run, they are for everyone! Nothing will make you leaner or more explosive, except perhaps kettlebell training.

Before all this training I had a large breakfast of 6 eggs with spinach, 2 scoops of protein powder, veggie greens powder and salmon oil. I ate this breakfast only an hour before training so I think it affected me by slowing me down a bit. After breakfast I did about 15 minutes of foam rolling and mobility work. I have super tight calves so this needs to be addressed daily.

What are your weaknesses? Are you addressing them. If you aren't improving your weaknesses you are not getting better!

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