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Workout excuses debunked (guest post).

Posted Sep 10 2009 10:16pm

I love this guest post because no matter how long we (the royal. the we which definitely includes the ME) have been exercising there’s always the temptation to NOT.

I adore weight training. I never try and wrangle my way out of weight training.

I notsomuch love the cardio. it’s an internal battle to get myself moving.

Top Eight Excuses for Missing Your Home Workout and What to Do About Them

Consistently missing your workout (be it an at home workout or gym workout) can be the biggest detriment to reaching your fat loss and fitness goals. To really achieve your goals, you must be consistent. Inconsistency in your workouts and in how you approach your diet are the major factors in determining your success.

We’ve all been there and done that. Missing a workout and making excuses for why.

We know that every year millions of people resolve to work out more and yet within a few weeks the vast majority stop exercising regularly or all together only to start again in April because they’re panicking about the warm weather that’s just around the corner threatening to expose their flabby arms or bulging waistlines.

The only reasons to miss a workout is: you’re injured, you’re sick, you’re physically exhausted or just too sore (not a light soreness, but a “I can’t move my limbs soreness”). Everything else is just an excuse.

If you’re injured, well that one should be self explanatory. Let your body heal itself.

If you’re sick, you need to rest to let your body battle what is ailing it.

If you’re exhausted, do yourself a favor and get some sleep. You need to be reasonably well rested so you can perform your movements without hurting yourself.

If you’re sore it means your muscles need a rest. Most people don’t realize that recovery is actually more important than the actual workout itself. Overtraining, whether it’s too many times a week or too long during one session, is a reason many people have trouble reaching their goals. Know when too much is too much.

Now that we have those out of the way, here are the top eight excuses I’ve heard for missing a workout:

1. “I have no time / I’m too busy.”

This is one of the worst excuses ever. Most people still work out like bodybuilders and split body parts. If your goal is fat loss or even building lean muscle, make sure your home workouts are full body workouts which incorporate short, quick burst exercise movements with minimal rest. You can get a great home workout in about 15 minutes making the argument of “no time” absolutely moot. Do this three times a week to shed the fat and build lean muscle.

2. “I need my rest.”

Yes, rest is important and should not be neglected. If you workout regularly, or even if you don’t, you should be aiming for at least seven hours of sleep a night. But the key to making sure you get your workouts in is by scheduling them. Mark off the time of day that you’ll workout and stick to it, no matter what. By scheduling your workouts at the same time of day it will be easier to treat your workout as just another part of your daily routine instead of a chore.

3. “The weather sucks.”

Another reason I strongly advocate home gyms over commercial gyms…you never have the weather as an excuse not to work out. Buy yourself a pair of adjustable dumbbells and you’re good to go (no you don’t need a bench or a barbell). A stability ball, chin up bar or the Lebert Equalizer are also good pieces of equipment to have at home. On a budget? No problem. In reality, unless you’re looking to get absolutely massive, your bodyweight alone will do just fine. If you know what exercises to focus on, you can build lean muscle and lose fat very effectively with bodyweight workouts.

4. “The gym is too expensive.”

Yes it is, but see #3. There is absolutely no need to join a gym to get into great shape. In fact there are a ton of reasons why you should stay away from the gym (but that’s another article). With a small one time investment in a couple pieces of equipment that will last you forever, you can literally save thousands of dollars over the years by avoiding sign up fees and monthly membership fees all while avoiding…

5. “I don’t feel comfortable at the gym.”

This is a common excuse. Some people are intimidated by the “treadmill bunnies” or the bodybuilding contingent groaning through their workouts. For others it’s not knowing what to do or how to use the equipment or the fact that way too many people use the gym as a place to find a date instead of working out. Not being comfortable at the gym is pretty common. However, this shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to workout. I hate to beat a dead horse, but a good at home workout routine is the perfect answer to not being comfortable at a gym.

6. “I’m in a rut, I’m bored with my workout.”

This one is easily fixable. Change your routine every four weeks. Completely change the exercises you do and change the order of the body parts you’re working on. If you usually do a squat movement first in your routine, do it last. Use lighter weights, user heavier weights, change the amount of rest between exercises. Workout somewhere else, go outside or change rooms. There are literally thousands of ways you can mix it up so your routine is never the same, even one workout to the next.

7. “My results suck.”

This one gets a lot of people. It’s easy to get disappointed and use this as an excuse if you’ve been working out for weeks and are seeing minimal changes. Assuming that you’re eating right, your workout routine and frequency are not to blame and you’re getting enough sleep, it’s possible that you’re not looking in the right places. The scale isn’t always the best way to measure your progress. Are your clothes even a wee bit looser? Try measuring your waist and your heart rate. Write them down. Then measure again after a week or two. Celebrate even the smallest sign of progress. We’re all different and our bodies react differently to different stimuli. Just keep at it.

Also remember that whether you see results or not, you’re still benefiting from your workouts. By working out you’re strengthening your joints and connective tissues, which means you’re laying down a foundation for future muscle growth.

8. “I have no energy.”

It’s a vicious cycle. If you have no energy it’s probably because you’re not eating right, you’re not getting enough rest and not exercising. The hardest thing to do is start. However, once you do start, after a few days, you’ll notice that your energy levels are up and you’ll be rearing to go. So get over the initial hump and remind yourself that once you get a couple of days under your belt that the “no energy” excuse will disappear.

The other factor you need to consider here is your total caloric intake. Too many people lack energy simply because they’re not eating enough. Your body needs fuel. An active man may require up to 1,000 calories more than an inactive one.

Throw the excuses out the window. Hold yourself accountable for the workouts you miss. Most excuses can be addressed by developing a solid at home workout plan that requires little to no equipment, watching what you eat and getting enough rest. Now what are you waiting for? Move it!

George is the creator of the BusyBod Workout System. He is a Certified Trainer with over 20 years of experience, a former multiple personal training studio owner, and a blogger.

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