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Workout #4 Sequence #5 "Back/Shoulders"

Posted Dec 12 2012 5:48am
Workout #4             
(sequence #5)
Weight Lifting 1 

*Single Sets* *3x ea. ~ 8-10 reps ~ 60-90 periods*  Moderate-Heavy

1. Wide-Grip Pulldowns (Behind Head) ~ 3x 2. Seated Arnold Dumbbell Press ~ 3x 3. Seated Cable Rows ~ 3x 4. Seated Side Lateral raises ~ 3x 5. Bent-Over Two Dumbbell Rows ~3x 6. Standing Barbell Front raises ~ 3x 7. Close-Grip Front Pulldowns (two handle grip bar) ~ 3x 8 Standing Up-Right Barbell Rows ~ 3x

 Let the BEAST Out! "TRAIN HARD"

Wide-Grip Pulldown Behind The Neck
#1 Wide-Grip Pulldowns
Arnold Dumbbell Press
#2 Arnold Dumbbell Press
Seated Cable Rows
#3 Seated Cable Rows
Seated Side Lateral Raise
#4 Seated Side Lateral Raises
Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row With Palms In
#5 Bent-Over Two Dumbbell Row
Standing Front Barbell Raise Over Head
#6 Standing Front Barbell Raises
Close-Grip Front Lat Pulldown
    #7 Close-Grip Lat Pulldowns
Close-Grip Front Lat Pulldown

Upright Barbell Row
#8 Standing Up-Right Barbell Row
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