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Working Out At Home

Posted Feb 07 2008 3:32pm 1 Comment

I’m lucky to have a membership at the gym, a little gym in my community and a mini gym at my house. The thing is, my membership at the gym is going to come to an end…why? Where my gym is, is no longer a convenience to me. I’m a simple person, all I need is a treadmill, an elliptical, a mat, and free weights. In addition, I have a swiss ball and resistance band, which I use to vary my workouts. I’m thinking about getting an elliptical machine for the home too. Being able to rent different work out videos from Netflix too also gives variety to pilates, yoga, and fun cardio workouts. So to me, I don’t really need the gym, just as long as I mix up my workouts. Besides, exercising at home is more convenient, and I get to exercise with the fresh air not too far from me (since my porch houses most of my equipment).

Of course, everyone has their own opinions on where they rather exercise, whether it be the gym or at home. What do you prefer?

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I'm with you! Nobody NEEDS a gym, though I'll be the first to admit the social interaction and (usually) greater variety of equipment can be a strong motivator. It can be way too easy to skip a home-based workout if you're not fully committed to "the lifestyle".

(here comes a shameless self-promotion, but it IS relevant to this topic)

I wrote a short, but very thorough guide on finding incredible deals on all kinds of home gym equipment. It's so complete, my editor at Men's Fitness magazine asked if we could recycle it for an article (which we did!).

In it, you can see some pics of my always-evolving home gym as well as find out how anyone can get top-brand gear for next to nothing by downloading the free guide at (hope that's not too blatant of a plug!.

if you like it (or even if you don't), I'm always open for feedback, too!


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