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Women, Strength Training, and Nutrition, a deadly Combination. Killing the Fat Baby!! Results are in!!

Posted Jul 28 2012 1:04pm

This past week we measured some women that are in my strength training sessions at Commit and Conquer.  It was the last week of their 8 week stength private training.  These women have worked so hard the past 8 weeks!! Everytime I would tell them to try a heavier weight they would, pushing themselves to the limit!! Everyone has a right to complain when you are training like this, heck I am the biggest winer of them all.  But, these women just kept pushing with very little complaints.  I think part of it is: first the women are awesome, second we are in a group of four so everyone is encouraging you wherever you are and that makes it fun, and 3rd they are seeing and feeling the benefits of what HIGH INTENSITY strength training is all about.  They know that if you go into the weight room and get a 5lb dumbell (or door stop, as some I know call it..:)) and stay at that weight for 8 weeks, there will be no progress.  But if you start at 5 and end with 25lbs, that is huge and the results show!! As a trainer I can’t tell you how much fun I have had with all these women and the amazing feeling I get when they get excited about doing a pullup, going lower on trx box pushups, etc.  Some of my favorite points in the last 8 weeks have been when some of the women walk up to me and show me a new muscle that is forming, or their pants are literally falling off because they have lost so many inches, or they did a whole set of pullups, or got the first pullup in for the very first time!! Just ask them and they will tell you that I almost do cartwheels around the gym when I see with my own eyes the progress these women are making.  How did I get so lucky to do a job I love, with awesome people who all have similar goals and a love for fitness?

Ok enough about that, let’s see the results!! I want to make sure that everyone knows that I have been given permission to share these results with you.  As a trainer I believe in privacy of my clients.  Some enjoy sharing and it helps motivate them and all kinds of good stuff.  While others like to rock it and just keep it between us.  I totally respect everyone’s wishes when it comes to their journey! So, with all that said here are the results of the ones that wanted to share!! I am excited!!!!!!

Barbara Pethick:


All I can say is wow!! Barbara has been tearing it up! She has lost a total of 12inches in the last 8 weeks!! These are amazing results!! How did she do this. She has gone to CAC 3 to 4 times a week for bootcamp classes and has done one day a week of the strength training!  She is also doing the Vemma 4 week challenge (a nutrition program that I am most of my clients are on).  With her hard work and great nutrition supplements and healthy diet, she rocked the inches lost!! Incredible job Barbara, looking forward to the next 8 weeks!!!

Kelly Lytton:

I will let her tell you her story here : . But, I just wanted to say that this was her first 8 weeks strength training session with me and she rocked it!! Pushed harder than every and the results show!! Kelly is not just an amazing client but an amazing friend as well.  These groups are amazing for friendships, when you sweat with someone and kill it in the weight room, friendships happen, we all have the same goals and feel great together!!

Amy Wood:


Amy is such a rockstar!! This was her second 8 weeks with me and the inches just flew off of her.  She is so much stronger than day one in the weight room and her results are incredible.  She lost a total of 6.5 inches in the last 8 weeksand she is looking amazing.  Do not miss what I just said!! 6.5 inches is huge!!!!! I think I did do a cartwheel for this one!! So excited for the next 8 weeks!  All I can say is she knows how to reach her goals and with the hard work she puts in everyday, she will do even better than before!! She is also using Vemma for her supplementation.

Tara Hernandez:

Tara was doing one day a week strength training and her results are amazing as well.  She has lost 4 total inches in the last 8 weeks, which is huge. But, she has also gotten incredibly strong.  She can now do 3 set of 10 pullups on the bar with band assistance!!  That is so hard to accomplish, but she is there!! Awesome job Tara!! She is now moving to 2 strength training sessions a week and all I can say Tara, is hold on and enjoy that ride.  You will see a difference from one to two day!! WOOHOOO!! Look at those pullups!!



Rhiannon has lost  a total of 2.4 inches and look at those arms!! She is looking amazing and rocking the pullups as well!! She will be doing the next 8 weeks as well and I can’t wait to see the changes!! She has friends posting on her facebook about how nice her arms are looking now!! I agree, gotta love sexy arms:).


Elizabeth Gouner:

Elizabeth has lost .5 inches, and has gained so much strength and muscle.  She likes to complain a little  :) , but it is all in fun and when you get down to it, she works her butt off!! Look at those back muscles! She is doing amazing and I look forward to the next 8 weeks!!! You are so fun to train Elizabeth :)


Vanessa Martinez:

Check out Vanessa and her first pullups on the bar!! She had been doing them on the fit wall and now she is on the bar!! Huge progress and she is up in weight on all of her other exercises as well.  She has lost 6lbs and is completely addicted to weight training now!! She changes her plans to make sure she makes it to the session and when she is gone, has me write up her workout.  She is truly dedicated and I can’t wait to see what the next 8 weeks will bring!!


All of these women are rockstars and I am so proud to be called their trainer but hopefully friend as well!! I enjoy working with every single one them and that is why my job is so amazing.  The next 8 weeks is complete with all new workouts, all new challenges, and tons of good times with great people! I am doing all the workouts that I put my clients thru, not only because I believe in the workouts I provide, but I want to go thru what they go thru.  It is is easy to talk the talk, but I want to walk the walk, and see first hand what they are going thru! It is going to be so much fun!!

CAC currently has 15 of these groups going on throughout the week at different times and we are opening more and more due to the popularity of them and how they truly do help you to see results.  Let me know if you would like to get in on the action! It is not just women, we have mens as well. IT DOES NOT MATTER, I repeat, IT DOES NOT MATTER, the shape you are in to start.  As trainers it is our job to meet you where you are and take you to “your” next level.  We have beginners thru advanced in these groups and everyone is tearing it up! LOVE IT!!!!








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