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Women and Breast Cancer

Posted Apr 29 2010 11:39pm
Breast Cancer: Cancer is a group of cells that do not obey the normal physiological functioning of the body. These cells are called as tumors. These tumors do not allow the organs to efficiently work. The tumor that arises in the breast tissues are called as breast cancer.

What are the causes of breast cancer?

Breast cancers occur due to a variety of reasons. The main reasons for the breast cancer are female gender and sex. Although this is the primary reason, there are also other reasons for the development of breast cancer and some of them are discussed below.

Environmental factors

The environment in which you live also contributes to the formation of breast cancer. For instance, if a woman is constantly exposed for longer periods to radiations while the treatment process; it may lead to the development of breast cancer.

Particularly in the case of the treatment of Hodgkin disease, the individual is required to be exposed to the radiations in her upper part of the body. This increases the risk of developing the breast cancer than the other people.

Dietary and life style factors

Dietary factors influence the triggering of breast cancer in some ways. It has been observed from a study that the people in some regions of the world who consume more amounts of fats develop breast cancers than the people who consume less amounts of fat. Breast cancer risk factors also increase with being overweight and obese.

Consuming alcohol has also been reported to be one of the reasons for the triggering of the breast cancer. It is also noted that the risk factor of breast cancer increases proportionately as the amounts of alcohol consumed.

Lifestyle of a woman has also been associated with the development of breast cancer. People who do not regularly exercise have been reported to have high risks of developing the breast cancer.

Breast diseases

Certain breast disease can increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Certain types of breast changes can lead to the development of breast cancer while the others are usually not harmful. To be on the safe side, it is best to consult a doctor if there is a breast discomfort.

Apart from the above certain types of causes like the hormonal causes and genetic cause are also responsible for the formation of breast cancer.

What are the diagnostic tests that are available for breast cancer?

For the diagnostics of breast cancer there are several tests which may include the physical and visual inspections and the feeling of breasts. Some of the most common tests for breast cancer diagnostics may include mammography, biopsy, ultrasonic tests and MRI. Among the above, biopsy is the only test that can certainly detect the tumor while the others can give a false readings.

We all need to understand a bit more exactly what cancer is, so feel free to read more about what is breast cancer .

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