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Will-Power Depletes Our Resources

Posted Jul 01 2008 11:01am

Will-power depletes bodily resources; it literally fatigues us by reducing physical power. Our minds and bodies draw from the same source of strength. Matthew Gailliot, PhD, a researcher at theUniversityofAmsterdam, argues that the fuel of willpower is glucose.

It is the same fuel that our brains and muscles use to perform many tasks. According to Gaillot willpower uses a lot of it.


This study pushes the boundaries and may lead the public to assume that our virtues are dependant on the last snack. Our ability to sustain our willpower does depend upon our blood sugar levels in order to practice self-control, maintain our emotions and behavior.


A reasonable strategy might be to choose foods that keep blood glucose steady and do not skip meals predisposing yourself to that depleted, ravenous feeling that chips away at our strength

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