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will a colon cleanse get my tummy flat?

Posted by Antoinette83

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Many colon cleanse products advertise a flat tummy after using their colon cleanse products. How true is this? You may experience a loss of a few inches off your tummy after a good colon cleanse. But this is because the body is relieved of trapped gas due to indigestion and toxins. It can also be the result of accumulated waste being cleansed from the system or because of ingredients in the colon cleanse which work as diuretics flushing out any fluid retention in the body.  These effects are usually temporary. In addition to these benefits, BeneCleanse, a scientifically-based colon cleanse formula, also provides ongoing nutritional support in the form of colon supplements called MultiFibe. MultiFibe contains minerals, vitamins, probiotics, fiber and digestive herbs to maintain colonic and digestive health. This can support the digestive system so that it functions efficiently eliminating the accumulation of gas due to indigestion or poor digestive health. 
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